Bow Review: Mathews HALON 32

Mathews Archery is reliable — the style of company it is likely you’ll possibly possibly possibly belief. Their folks are quality-driven, and their merchandise were proven by 1000’s of customers and millions upon millions of photographs fired. In expose for you to jump into the Mathews camp, it is likely you’ll possibly possibly possibly obtain so with self assurance and settle in for the long haul. These facts on my own are a truly helpful motive to peep what they must provide this 365 days. Let’s dive into the particulars!


Powered by the versatile CROSSCENTRIC Cam machine, Mathews’ unique HALON 32 is supplied in 5-, 6- or 7-proceed brace height models. The ability created by the cams and the sizable split limbs requires a solid platform, which the Dual Bridged Riser affords. A series of vibration dampeners on the riser and string work with the past-parallel limbs to originate a taking pictures ride with as regards to undetectable shock, vibration or noise. The company’s FlatBack Grip, Zebra Custom string/cables and Reverse Back Roller Guard full the package deal.

With real about a tweaks to the favored HALON platform, Mathews introduces the 2017 HALON 32. The unique rig is supplied in 5-, 6- or 7-proceed brace height models. We will be the 6. It is miles powered by their CROSSCENTRIC Cam, which became impressed by the NO CAM, and a snort of wide-stance Gordon field topic limbs. The Dual Bridged Riser is designed to give a solid platform, while the FlatBack grip is supposed to give every comfort and efficiency. There’s more — be taught on.

Stretch and Steadiness
Mathews stretched out the riser on the HALON 32 to obtain the final rig 32 inches axle to axle, when compared to last 365 days’s 30-proceed model. It is a usually held perception that longer bows are more precise at pudgy diagram and more forgiving on the shot. The added dimension affords a shallower string perspective, which is less serious with diminished nock pinch.

Named for the 2 flared sections, one above the undercover agent window and one under the stabilizer mounting insert, the Dual Bridged Riser creates a torsionally stiff platform on which the the rest of the rig is built. Stiffness within the riser promotes consistency with less variance and, in turn, somehow results in better overall accuracy.

Additional stability is stumbled on within the wide stance of the HALON 32’s split limbs, which would be short in dimension and mix to span as regards to three inches facet-to-facet. Reaching effectively beyond parallel at pudgy diagram, the Gordon Composite limbs steal profit of the total inherent traits of such positioning — particularly less shock, vibration and noise.

Mathews uses its closed limb pockets with a particular and patented limb-retention machine to snort and control every limb for precision alignment to the riser at this serious interface. Limb sets are sorted into sets of 40, 50, 60 or 70 kilos height diagram weights basically based entirely entirely on robotically controlled
deflection power matching.

Sticking with what works, Mathews outfits the HALON 32 with the CROSSCENTRIC Cam machine, which won quick reputation in 2016 for its glad diagram and phenomenal speeds. The 2017 speeds are ethical there with last 365 days’s. The AVS machine uses two minute discs mounted in an offset snort on the axle. Both ends of every harness are anchored to the AVS discs, which rotate non-concentrically from one facet of the cam’s axle to the assorted because the bow is drawn, transferring the flexibility vector.


Incorporating NO CAM and AVS abilities, Mathews’ CROSSCENTRIC Cam machine produces a glad diagram and phenomenal speeds.

Saved energy is elevated on the entrance discontinuance and letoff on the encourage discontinuance, offering enhanced energy and comfort for the shooter. This machine additionally terminates the ends of every cable to the reverse cam, forcing the cams to work collectively and thereby robotically correcting for imbalances ensuing in elevated dependability. The take a look at bow affords diagram lengths from 25 ½-31 ½ inches, in half of-proceed increments, and letoffs of either 75 or eighty five percent via a snort of RockMod modules.

Particular Groups
This rig wouldn’t be what it is a long way with out the give a have interaction to of the total assorted players. The FlatBack Grip’s form and contour is designed to promote stability and repeatable hand positioning, which is serious to consistent, real taking pictures. Yet any other intriguing Mathews abilities will also be stumbled on of their Reverse Back Roller Guard that flips the popular cable tracks to the reverse facet of the rollers to cleverly minimize torque and friction for a smoother diagram and better efficiency.

A Ineffective Cease String Cease and Monkey Tails on the string join the signature Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Lite and Harmonic Damper to place the clamps on vibration and noise.

Differ Performance
The HALON 32 proved exceptionally smooth on the shot and reported easiest a minute jump within the take care of along with some low, lasting vibration. A high quality stabilizer entirely killed the vibration and diminished the already minute jump. The diagram cycle caught my consideration ethical away, as it became particularly delicate. The grip is glad and purposeful. A great, high-efficiency shooter!

BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg took this fine, eight-level Illinois buck on Halloween the consume of the 2017 Mathews HALON 32.


Lethal Debut: Mathews HALON 32

On the present time is Mathews Birth Day the day the bow maker unveils its 2017 flagship HALON 32 for the arena to peep. And while t…

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