Bow Review: Elite Option 6

Elite has constructed a trusty fan spoiled by producing bows that merely obtain the job done. They are all about the shooting abilities and performance that serves a cause. Add in Elite’s signature Hunt Guarantee and also it is most likely you’ll obtain got a recipe for success.


Elite’s Possibility 6 aspects Twin Riser Cage technology, which reinforces stiffness and steadiness for a stable shooting platform. A suite of double-laminated destroy up limbs, coupled with the Two-Observe dual-cam machine and a 6-traipse brace height, form arrow hastens to 342 fps IBO. Dampening accessories on the string, limbs and cable-guard rod tame noise and vibration, whereas the Expert Grip and scarcity of hand shock carry out for a relaxing shooting abilities.

Elite’s 2017 Possibility 6 is dwelling to the firm’s Twin Cage riser, which is reflex in originate and machined from 7075 aluminum. The Two-Observe dual-cam machine, Winner’s Change string/cables and double-laminated destroy up limbs combine to develop the Possibility’s engine. A two-half, wood-panel grip, PALS limb pockets, LTR Curler Guard and a pair of vibration- and noise-dampening accessories spherical out the equipment.

Rattling Cages
Elite seems to rattle the competitors’s cages with its Twin Cage Riser accomplish that employs one cage above the peek window and one below the grip. The exhaust of 7075-T6 aluminum is marketed to give the Possibility’s riser a 65 p.c energy-to-weight ratio develop over previous riser designs. Factual esteem the long-established cage above the peek window, the 2nd cage is designed to develop energy and power. Here’s marketed to stiffen the platform and toughen tuning, accuracy and steadiness at fat intention.

The Possibility Series aspects Elite’s original LTR (Linear Tunable Curler) cable-containment machine. It is anchored to the skin of the peek window, staunch a couple inches above the arrow shelf. What makes it special is the skill to modify the roller facet to facet. On the overall, it is most likely you’ll transfer it closer or farther far from the vanes on your arrow for customized clearance. Additionally, the LTR turned into designed to acquire rid of cable wear, which is ready to point to problematic on this plight. It rolls on sealed ball bearings, and the cables are served the put they transfer through the machine. In Elite’s testing, they obtain got realized cables stay esteem original even after tens of hundreds of shot cycles.

Also at dwelling on the riser is Elite’s original Expert Grip. Their stylish grip has been redesigned to embody a measure of the long-established accomplish fused with the V-Grip featured on Elite diagram bows. The original grip is intended to suit a big selection of shooters and offer just among the improved repeatability and performance of their diagram grip. Built to form a just wrist plight, the Expert Grip is machined into the riser address and is complemented by two wood facet panels that match into shallow pockets on either facet of the address.

Other riser-based fully aspects embody steel front and rear stabilizer mounting inserts and Limbsaver string suppressor mounted on a carbon rod, which is equipped with an additional Limbsaver dampener.

Tweaked Two-Observe
Elite dove into the famous aspects of its stylish two-be aware cam machine with the intent to develop efficiency whereas asserting the shootability and aloof intention the long-established machine turned into acknowledged for. Two tracks, as against three or more, soak up much less apartment on the cams and allow for a narrower lateral profile. This accomplish eliminates mass weight whereas bringing the load from the cables closer to the center of the axle, which helps steadiness the machine, retain an eye on cam lean and develop general efficiency.

Cables, which obtain every ends anchored to the cams, are forced to aim in lock-step with one one more, robotically compensating for cramped adjustments within the machine.

System letoff, which is adjustable, is marketed at eighty five p.c, and intention lengths from 26-31 inches in half of-traipse increments are on hand through a series of modules. A bow press and T15 Torx wrench are required to elevate away and change the modules. An adjustable intention discontinuance on every cam offers customization. The feel of the attend wall and the proportion of letoff will also be adjusted inner a definite fluctuate with a put of intention stops on the cams.

The destroy up limbs on the Possibility Series signify a brand original venture for Elite, as right here is the major time the firm has archaic something assorted than stable limbs on its flagship bows. Limbs are designed to distribute stress evenly across the total limb half to boost durability and efficiency. Three varieties of Gordon Composite cloth are double laminated to originate the actual person objects, which measure 12.5 inches in length. Limb objects are on hand in prime intention weights of 50, 60, 65, 70 and eighty pounds.

The alignment of the limbs to the riser is a first-rate interface and valuable to exquisite performance. To that stay, Elite employs its Perfect Alignment Limb System (PALS), which incorporates a put of tabs constructed into the rocker that interprets downward limb power into horizontal limb alignment. PALS couples tight
tolerances and forced retain an eye on to align limbs and cams to the centerline of the riser.

Range Notes
Elite’s Possibility 6 turned into fun to shoot. The intention looked to stack a bit sooner than the destroy over, on the different hand it turned into aloof on the come up and attend down with a valley it is most likely you’ll relax into. I turned into no longer happy to hear the grip had been redesigned, because the older grips had been among my absolute favorites. While I am no longer willing to call it an equal to the long-established, the original Elite Expert grip is happy and handy. There turned into no longer powerful within the come of hand shock or vibration on the shot, and I realized the Possibility 6 to be especially mild!

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