The 5 Best Whiskies for Hikers

Tennessee or not, here are our testers’ picks for the best flask-fillers found in most liquor stores. Bourbon or scotch, whiskey is one of the best drinks for hikers on the trail.Ah, whiskey: the quintessential backcountry libation. It packs enough punch ounce-for-ounce to meet most weight-savings criteria, while also satisfying the most sophisticated of palates.…

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Backpacks: An Owner’s Manual

Understanding suspension and construction is key to finding the right fit—and proper maintenance and repair will ensure your load-hauler lasts thousands of miles. Different objectives call for different packs.The Pack Expert Kevin Rosenberg started peddling gear on the sidewalks of Brooklyn in 2009 and eventually grew his business, Gear to Go Outfitters, into a rental,…

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Big-Game Hunter Resigns as Vice President of Private Club after Backlash

twitter via Fox NewsAn Australian big-game hunter faced outrage online over trophy photos he shared on social media.  Australian businessman and big-game hunter, Nick Haridemos, has resigned from his vice-president position at the Hellenic Club, located in Canberra. The resignation came after social media outrage over some hunting photos he published. Haridemos shared several images…

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