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When most of us hear “leg day”, they straight mediate of heavy squats, plates piled on plates, and a bunch of leg curl machines in an AC-cooled weight room. With out a doubt, heavy weight and isolation machines are precious in creating strength and energy, nonetheless that doesn’t mean you wish skip working your legs completely when you’re far from the fitness center. This video exhibits you that with a combination of single leg workouts, plyometrics, and air squats you might produce your legs the exercise of nothing nonetheless your comprise bodyweight. Here’s a workout that is no longer going to finest give a enhance to your leg strength and properly being, nonetheless it ought to also jog away you feeling love you can like a wheelchair.


Dynamic Warmup

Circuit #1 | 10-9-8-7-6-5-four-3-2-1

  1. Air squats
  2. Lunge jumps (Every Aspect)
  3. Soar squats

Leisure 3-four minutes.

The aim for this circuit is now to no longer total as rapid as imaginable, nonetheless to gradual down and point of curiosity on the high-quality and intensity of every jump/repetition.

Circuit #2 | 5-four-3-2-1

  1. High Field Jumps
  2. Aspect Lunges (Every Leg)
  3. Pistol squats/single leg squats
Advantages Of The usage of Plyometrics In Your Training

This workout is uncommon because it contains “plyos” or explosive compound movements to make a contribution to the intensity of the workout. The aim is to disclose for optimum power manufacturing in the smallest timeframe, so the reps are saved low and the intensity and effort is saved excessive.

To coach for explosiveness, you wish make every motion as explosively as you might.

This fashion of coaching helps produce muscle thru training your rapid twitch muscle fibers that are our finest, strongest fibers in our body. They’re trained thru heavy lifting, anaerobic movements, and explosive movements, while our gradual twitch muscle fibers are essentially for endurance.

You would make these plyometric workouts up to three cases per week.

Combining plyometrics with ragged strength training to hit both sorts of muscle fibers will push your body to create the maximum quantity of enhance hormone which forcing the muscle to develop!


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