Bow Review: Bear Approach HC

Possess Archery clearly will get its title from the boring, substantial Fred Possess — that is a ton of accountability. Besides to high-pause bows, Possess maintains a commitment to what I name “maintaining it proper” by producing high-performance solutions at an inexpensive price that honors Fred Possess’s legacy. The original Reach HC is an very fair correct example of this.


Possess’s Reach HC showcases a varied, spoked riser with a sexy reflexed configuration. H15-6 hybrid cams feature adjustable rotating modules for easy arrangement-size modifications whereas producing arrow speeds marketed to reach as a lot as 340 fps. Becoming a member of the past-parallel Endura Fiber limbs in shock, vibration and noise good purchase are the Shock Wave limb-dampening map, Sonic Knot on-string silencers and the riser-based mostly dual Rock Stop string silencers.

Possess’s Reach HC is a get-it-done create of looking out rig with a forged/machined aluminum riser, modular hybrid cams, the firm’s signature riser-based mostly dual string suppressors, Endura Fiber damage up limbs, Lock Down pockets and a two-fragment, aspect-panel grip — all with a value mark below $450!

Strength Plant
The Reach is outfitted with the hard-hitting H15-6 hybrid cam map, marketed to create IBO arrow accelerates to 340 fps on a 6-proceed brace high and Seventy five p.c letoff. Present that IBO speeds are recorded with the bow region to a 30-proceed arrangement size and 70-pound arrangement weight whereas shooting a 350-grain arrow.

Rotating cam modules is also adjusted to span the Reach’s total arrangement-size range from 25 ½-30 inches, in half of-proceed increments. No bow press is wished to decide out the arrangement that matches you handiest; aesthetic be particular to also pass the cable stop on every cam to the region linked to that arrangement size. Every modules and arrangement stop areas are clearly marked for sure identification. Possess employs BCY-X materials for the Reach’s string and cables.

Durable Endura
Possess’s Endura Fiber limbs are compression molded correct into a varied form, as they launch out slender and thick at the limb pocket sooner than knocking down out to a noteworthy wider profile and then going assist to slender and thick at the pause the attach the axles are mounted. Possess matches limbs into items in step with deflection values. Reach limbs reach a past-parallel house at plump arrangement to capture fair correct thing concerning the inherent advantages of this configuration — namely lowered shock, vibration and noise at the shot.

This is finished because the power from unlock is disbursed in equal and reverse instructions, causing the energy leftover after propelling the arrow to be cancelled out. Limb items will be found handiest in a single configuration that aspects an adjustable arrangement weight ranging from 55-70 kilos.

Possess’s Reach uses the firm’s pivoting Lock Down limb pocket map, which is a closed-pause, plump-bewitch watch over model pocket fabricated from forged aluminum and finished in gloomy. An integral, limb-locking rocker get anchors the serious pocket/limb/riser interface for added precision and accuracy.

Spoked Riser
The Reach riser has spoked upper and decrease sections, personalized made to bewitch watch over the stresses of a tool generating the create of energy wished to propel arrows 340 fps. Casting processes allow for outlandish curves, thickness modifications and cutouts that amplify energy whereas taking away pointless materials and decreasing total mass weight.

The riser is a little bit reflexed, that means the throat of the grip is in the assist of the pivot point of the limbs. This allows for an increased energy stroke and, in turn, better speeds. The contend with at the grip is rounded for comfort and is complemented on both aspect with overmold panels. Riser and limbs are every movie dipped in Badlands Reach camo.

Possess assaults shock, vibration and noise on a lot of fronts. Besides to the past-parallel limb house mentioned earlier, the Reach sports Possess’s dual Rock Stop string suppressors that like a flash in the good purchase of string oscillation after the shot. Sonic Knots placed on the string at both pause now not handiest in the good purchase of string noise but additionally amplify tempo a little bit. Shock Waves, attached to the pause of every limb fragment, are designed to destroy vibration in the limbs.

Possess’s Reach HC is at the initiating an very fair correct price. It performs at a stage far beyond its price mark. A brief soar in the contend with, practical shot noise and little vibration experienced upon unlock are in the good purchase of down noticeably with a top quality stabilizer. The arrangement cycle, whereas aggressive, is consistent all by, making it in actuality feel soft. There would possibly be now not noteworthy valley to speak of as soon as at plump arrangement. So, be particular you are shooting the finest arrangement size so that you just would possibly presumably presumably resolve with ease into the shot.



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