Your Guide to Camping in the Algarve


When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, the Algarve has a lot to offer for families and lone tourists alike. Ranging from cozy family-run campsites to holiday parks the entire family can enjoy, camping in the Algarve is within anyone’s reach!

Why choose camping? The Algarve is teeming with wildlife and untamed forests that are easily hidden when choosing hotel accommodations. The bountiful forests and stunning natural views are worth every effort to camp!

What’s the Weather Like in the Algarve?

Fortunately, the Algarve experiences very little year-round rain— especially from the months of April to October. Not only does this eliminate soggy and humid tents, but it also allows you to soak up the sun for 300 days per year.

Having said that, temperatures can significantly drop in the winter during night time to the low 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) or below while daytime temperatures remain in the 60s. July and August are considered the peak summer months when temperatures rarely cool down during the evening hours. In fact, staying in the Algarve during the summer means accepting temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Are the Camping Options?

The term camping often evokes imagery of roughing it with nature and getting bit by hordes of mosquitoes. Fortunately, camping in the Algarve offers many options besides pitching a tent!

Going with the traditional: The most memorable way to experience the outdoors is to bring your own tent. Pitching it on one of the numerous campsites is an experience in and of itself.

Staying mobile: Many campsites have access to mobile homes that aren’t just convenient but family-friendly. You can enjoy communal living facilities without the hassle of dealing with wildlife or pitching a tent.

Spending time in luxury: Bungalows will always remain one of the more popular campsite options. These buildings aren’t just luxurious, but they offer the compromise of not having to choose between traditional camping and renting a house.

Enjoy an RV or camper: Perhaps the most enjoyable way to cruise the Algarve is with the help of an RV. Not only does it make you more mobile, but it gives you access to more interesting campsite locations and secluded spots. In fact, many visitors spend months living in the Algarve thanks to their more mobile option.

Get glamping in style: Boutique hotels are all the rage in the Algarve, so if you wish to experience something a bit different why not check out the safari tents, treehouses or yurts? Comfort is within your reach while still experiencing the outdoors.

The Most Popular Algarve Campsites

In recent years, there has been a decline in the number of campers, but that doesn’t mean limited options. The Algarve still houses plenty of popular campsites you can consider:

1. Camping Albufeira in Albufeira is a massive campsite that has space for virtually everything— campers, RVs and tents. Among the local amenities, visitors will find restaurants, a supermarket, bike rental, swimming pools, and tennis courts. Not far away is Zoomarine, great for a family day out.

2. Parque de Campismo Orbitur located in Sagres is found on the western coast of the Algarve. Visitors especially appreciate its closeness to the beach at less than 2 miles. This campground has access to modern facilities such as a restaurant, supermarket, pool tables, and even WiFi. Campers and RVs can gain easy access while others can choose to stay in bungalows.

3. Yelloh! Village Turiscampo in Lagos is a large area specially recommended for families! Here you will find 137 mobile homes along with over 200 spots for tents, many of which also have drainage options. Localized amenities include clubs for kids, cabaret entertainment, swimming pools, and sports activities. Those looking to stay fit can sign up for yoga, dance or water aerobics classes.

4. Camping Ria Formosa in Tavira is one of the largest family-friendly campgrounds that is home to 350 pitch spots for tents and RVs along with mobile homes and bungalows. A mini market and gym, playground, WiFi, swimming pool, and a manmade lake are some of the amenities available.

5. Calico Park located in Vila Nova de Cacela is a residential campground that allows tourists year-round residency. It includes mobile homes along with space for RVs and campers. A swimming pool, bar and restaurant as well as a playground are all included.

6. Camping Algarve in Moncarapacho is situated 30 minutes from Faro by car and is open year-round. It is host to tents as well as RVs.

Go Glamping!

Glamping is a fairly modern slang term that plays with the words ‘glamorous camping’. It can mean something different for everyone, but it has been agreed that the catchall phrase describes semi-luxury accommodations where you don’t need to pitch a tent yourself.

Whether you prefer a treehouse, yurt or whatever else available, here are some glamping hotspots:

-Enjoy the Algarve countryside in all its rural beauty at the Algarve Safari Lodge in Messines. It is host to tents in a safari style.

-Located in Silves, the Eco-Lodge Brejeira offers unique accommodations in the form of a fire truck, gypsy van, yurt, and has room for traditional tents.

-Aljezur is home to the Walnut Tree Farm where campers can appreciate luxurious yurts or treehouses.

‘Wild’ Camping: Is It Allowed?

Most people are shocked to learn that wild camping is actually illegal in the Algarve. You may have your heart set on spending the night at the beach in Portugal, but it does come with a hefty fine! There’s a large fire risk in the Algarve as the summer months are extremely dry and wildfires can spread rapidly, even if you had no ill intentions.

Winter wild camping with RVs is seen as a tolerated form of camping. There’s less of a fire risk and most officials turn a blind eye. It’s not uncommon to discover campers that have stayed the entire winter.


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