Overnight: Moccasin Creek, Hemlock Falls & Hellhole Mt.

Sat, three/three, 9:30 am-Solar, three/four, four pm

Neighborhood: Atlanta Outdoors Membership

When: Saturday March three, 9:30 am to Sunday, March four, four pm

The set apart: Lake Burton, GA

Mark: Free; carpool donation requested (registration required)

Tiny print: It looks love we will own some substantial backpacking weather this weekend, so let’s get out and revel in it with a casual backpack.

We can initiate the hike at a parking blueprint on Moccasin Creek. The first mile of the hike is along a really picturesque path which follows Moccasin Creek and has many minute waterfalls and feeder streams with cascades. At acceptable over a mile we are able to arrive at Hemlock Falls which has a good pool under the falls. We will bewitch a immediate (10 min) damage at these falls to hydrate, bewitch photos, and own quite snack if wanted. We can then proceed upstream against the upper falls on Moccasin Creek. There feeble to be a quasi-path going to the upper falls, but decades ago a storm with excessive winds and a twister knocked down different trees and the path all but disappeared. There might per chance be a water crossing on the 2d half of, that will perhaps require taking out our boots – hence the requirement for water shoes. The path to the upper falls is terribly narrow in places and has a pair of ‘techical’ spots that would unprejudiced require taking off your backpack. The easier falls are very good and critically better (~35 ft) than Hemlock Falls. Our campsite might per chance be positioned next to the head of the waterfall.

Once we arrive on the campsite, we’ll arrange camp and ALL pitch in to get hold of firewood for a good bonfire. After gathering firewood for the night, we’ll own masses of time to sit down support, revel in the falls, explore the blueprint, or no matter floats your boat. In the night we’ll own dinner, socialize, and loiter around for the duration of the fire.

In the morning we’ll own breakfast and then belief to attain a immediate hike to the head of Hellhole Mtn. Even supposing it be a immediate hike (~1/2 of mi) to the head, it be all off-path and no doubt steep. But on the head there is a substantial get hold of out about of Lake Burton and the valley. We will bewitch quite time to revel in the views sooner than heading support down. After we get support to camp, we’ll damage camp and belief to birth heading support at approx 1 – 1:30 PM.

Expose: The hike to the campsite is extremely lower than 2 miles and has about 600 toes of ascent. There might per chance be a “wet” creek crossing and some aspects of the path are technical.

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