New Scott Archery Releases for 2018

Scott Archery produces one of archery’s most innovative mechanical release aids on the market to this day. Scott announces the arrival of several new additions to the family. These new additions include new wrist strap releases for the modern bow hunter. A new target release with incredible adjustment options. And a back-tension release designed for archers that prefer a small release profile.

“I’m proud of the team for delivering on the Scott tradition,” said Josh Sidebottom, VP of Product Development. “Scott is well regarded in archery for quality. For innovation. For durable releases that perform shot after shot. We have engineered what I consider to be the best releases available in 2018. I’m excited to see the Scott legacy of quality and reliability continue this year and into the future.”

New for 2018:

Scott Recon

This release is for the modern bowhunter that demands durability and reliability in the harshest conditions. The Scott Recon is an auto-closing, single caliper release. It includes the Scott Roller Trigger System that delivers a crisp activation. New for 2018, the Recon sports a cam lock fold back connecting strap to keep the release out of the way. A new curved trigger design gives archers many finger placement options to deliver a clean shot time after time.

Scott WildCat 2

Building on the popularity of the original WildCat, Scott has re-engineered the original design to deliver the comfort and performance bowhunters crave. The WildCat 2 features the new-for-2018 cam lock fold back connector system with an ergonomic head featuring an attractive relief in the body. The relief serves as a way for the archer to get consistent finger placement. A stainless-steel single jaw and Scott’s forward knurled trigger deliver consistent results.

Scott Pursuit

The 2018 Scott Pursuit is the mother of all hunting thumb button releases. The Pursuit is a design that takes inspiration from the Scott target archery lineup. This multi-sear technology delivers best-in-class, crisp trigger feel. The Pursuit ships with three- and four-finger extensions, so archers have unlimited options. The Pursuit comes with an adjustable trigger position, and adjustable trigger travel. This thumb button release isn’t about chasing trophies. It’s all about the Pursuit.

Mini Advantage

2017 brought the Scott Advantage to podiums around the world. Now, Scott brings that stability and performance to archers that prefer a smaller release. This light weight release has a small profile handle for those with small hands. The Mini Advantage features a stainless steel adjustable moon with click. The three finger handle tapers at the end to reduce “hot spots” for the archer. This is the perfect back tension release for younger archers or women with smaller hands.

Scott Ascent

This is a micro adjustable back tension release from Scott. This aggressive design delivers comfort and confidence at full draw. Micro adjustments to travel and click distance deliver custom performance built for you. The Ascent features an innovative, patent-pending dual sear locking design. It features everything you would expect from Scott: micro adjustments to travel and click distance and a heavyweight stainless-steel, ergonomic handle. The Ascent is available in three standard sizes: four finger large, three finger large, and three finger medium.

Scott’s legacy comes from 36 years of delivering high quality archery release aids. From tournament archers on the podium, to bow hunters in stands around the world. Scott Archery releases are a staple in the world of archery. For more information, please visit Scott Archery’s website.


Scott Archery is a proud member of The Outdoor Group family of brands. Established in 2012 and headquartered in West Henrietta, New York, The Outdoor Group is parent company to the premier brands of Elite Archery, Duel Game Calls, Scott Archery, Custom Bow Equipment, Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings, CAMX Crossbows, Lynch Mob Calls, Slick Trick Broadheads and Solid Broadheads.

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