In Defense of Winter Camping

An right logical argument for why you web to stride unswerving now.


I hear you groaning by the get. You suspect there is nothing I could perhaps well negate that could perhaps well perhaps convince you that tenting in the winter is an correct recommendation. It’s cool.

Loyal you wait. I essentially web legit good judgment on my facet.

Sooner than we birth up, let me remind you about deductive reasoning (syllogism, any individual?), which you’ve doubtlessly forgotten because you took Philosophy 100 and one. It’s a course of of reasoning that takes well-behaved premises to be successful in a logically-certain conclusion. Huh? In general, if you occur to compromise with the premises I lay out, then, logically, it’s basic to additionally accept as true with the conclusion.

You’ll need an example, unswerving?

Premise 1: All cats are adorable.
Premise 2: Grumpy Cat® is a cat.
Conclusion: Grumpy Cat® is adorable.

OK. Let’s good judgment.

Premise 1: You savor tenting.

You doubtlessly wouldn’t web clicked on an article from REI if you occur to didn’t. And who doesn’t savor tenting, after all? Every thing about tenting spells happiness.

The lengthy scamper to the right destination. The short battle to situation up the tent. The stars that stretch on and on into the infinite. The loft of down over ears.

Camping is one among the finest issues on earth—and affords you access to the most stunning locations on the globe, the most refreshing swimming holes and the longest hours in the barren region. It’s discontinuance to your heart.

Premise 2: Icy weather tenting is tenting.

Icy weather tenting, while diverse, is aloof tenting. And sooner than you birth as much as bitch in regards to the cool and the gloomy again, let me expose you what’s immense about it.

2a. You crunch by untouched snow in unpeople terrain.

2b. You craft a customized campsite—total with a wonderfully flat tent space and restaurant.

2c. Your food tastes higher in the icy icy, especially supplemented by hot chocolate. A boiling hot water bottle will put your toes toasty warm all night lengthy.

2d. You salvage to play in the snow.

2e. You don’t deserve to backpack at all—car tenting is unswerving as relaxing in the winter.

2f. And lastly, tenting in the winter is more about tenting itself.

… unlike tenting in the summertime, which is more in regards to the actions that tenting makes that that you just would perhaps imagine (going longer distances, discovering a ways flung viewpoints and staying exterior for those lengthy daylight hours hours). The longer nights mean more hours spent reading, taking part in playing cards or unswerving talking with visitors. The cooler weather ends in cozying up collectively around a cup of something correct and playing the feeling of napping birth air.

Icy weather tenting is mainly a celebration of the finest parts of tenting.

Conclusion: You savor winter tenting.

As I mentioned, if you occur to compromise that, one, you savor tenting, and two, winter tenting is mainly tenting, then it’s basic to agree that you just’ll savor winter tenting. It’s simply good judgment.

So, be part of your logical—in all likelihood craziest—visitors for a stride back and forth this winter.

Pack your warmest web, your puffiest puffy, your hats and gloves and socks and lengthy johns. Tear on a bluebird day and gain a camp space a ways from avalanche concerns. Grab your licensed unswerving-add-water meal, quite a bit of warm-me-up drinks and that tense plastic water bottle.

It’s easy to quit warm in the winter. But it’s no longer attainable to salvage the fun of tenting one year-round without venturing out into the cool.

Welcome to the arena of unswerving adventurers. We’ve been ready.

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