How to Mount a Scope on Marlin 336? – Question Asked By Hunters

Hunting is a hobby, a passion, a desire that compel people to go on their favorite jungle safari. Are you a passionate hunter? If yes, then you often go on hunting, try to get as much fun as possible.

When someone goes on hunting, they do not only just shoot, shoot, and shoot as hunting is not only about shooting. You need to aim at your target and also defend yourself. It is like a superb experience you can ever have if you really love hunting. You can hide, defend yourself, and make a move when needed to press the trigger. It is too much fine, right?

Well, it is for passionate hunters and shooters. Weapons play an important role in hunter, and we all are aware of it. So, when you go on hunting, you need to have a great weapon. What is better than a Marlin 336 rifle? People often ask how to mount a scope on marlin 336.


Marlin 336 is one of the best rifles one can have. It is really a popular rifle that has been doing amazingly well. Every hunter has tried or still using Marlin 336 for hunting. To go on hunting, rifles are the most used weapons. It can’t be denied that people also use guns; shotguns and handguns for different purposes like aiming, shooting and defending.

Most of the hunters believe that the weapon they are using is really important for them. It is also true that no hunter change their weapons every time they go on hunting. They prefer to use the same weapon that they have their hand on. Getting used to a weapon is really important.

Now that there is no doubt about packing the best rifle in the backpack, the next thing you need to add in your hunting bag is some great accessories. The scope is the most used accessory that is popular among the hunters. And that’s the reason they want to know how to mount a scope on marlin 336.

How to Mount Scope on Marlin 336?

A long-range shot, something a hunter is fully aware of, is what scope has in store to offer. The best part of using a scope is that you do not need to stay close to your target to get it. Marlin 336 is known for hunting deer, black beer, etc. The main fun of hunting is when you aim at your target and press the trigger without letting your target detect your position. But it is also a fact that not every hunter gets this opportunity, which somewhat depresses them.

Hunters, who keeping missing targets, get irritated as they do not get the fun they are looking for. It is true as most of the hunters share their side of the story when they go on hunting. Do you know why can’t you get your target? Because you need some accessories to go on hunting and shoot like a professional. The scope is that accessory that helps you have the long-range shot.

You do not need to stay close to your target when using a scope as you stay far from your target and still shoot successfully. So, now you know how scopes work. So, how to mount a scope on marlin 336 is the next question that you all asked.

Mounting a scope on marlin 336 is one of the easiest tasks you all can do. Most hunters install a Picatinny scope rail on their Marlin 336, which really helps. Plus, installing this Picatinny scope rail is something all of you can do. Marlin 336 is also drilled and tapped, you just need to fix the Picatinny scope tail, and then mount any suitable scope that you have chosen according to your comfort level.

The scope you are willing to purchase should be compatible with your Marlin 336, or else you will not be able to mount it no matter how hard you try.


In this article, we discussed how to mount a scope on marlin 336. There are many people who want to know the answer to this question. Marlin 336 is one of the best rifles you can have for hunting and adding a scope can help you shoot your target easily.


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