Car Camping at Tugaloo

Fri, 2/23, 1 pm-Solar, 2/25, 1 pm

Team: Georgia Inaugurate air Club

When: Friday, February 23, 1 pm to Sunday, February 25, 1 pm

Where: Tugaloo Yelp Park, Lavonia, GA

Rate: $10 + $5 parking (registration required)

Runt print: We have got got got beautiful climate in February, and I’m prepared for a weekend out of doorways! Join us on worthy Lake Hartwell for a chunk mountain rock climbing, a chunk stress-free, and a lot of fun on a lakeside campsite.

This would possibly perchance perchance furthermore be a BYOF (Allege Your Grasp Food) weekend. We are able to fetch the pioneer location to ourselves. This plight is positioned privately on the lake. Set up has water however no electrical energy. Set up has 3 adirondack shelters, a whole lot of tent pads, and pit privies. All equipment needs to be hiked in approx 50 yards.

Genuinely be at liberty to near anytime after 1 pm on Friday. The weekend itinerary is relaxed – some folk would possibly perchance perchance furthermore traipse mountain rock climbing, some folk would possibly perchance perchance furthermore traipse into town, some folk would possibly perchance perchance furthermore play games, and a few folk would possibly perchance perchance furthermore attempt to cease it all. If that you would possibly perchance perchance furthermore fetch gotten music that doesn’t suck or an instrument you know easy systems to play, we would luxuriate in for you to lift it. Tune and ingesting will most likely traipse into the wee hours of the morning.

What else is there to cease: This park has Four miles of trails. We are able to cease a community hike on Saturday. The park furthermore is determined up for horseshoes, tennis volley ball and mini golf (the achieve I shall be defending my title because the 2017 champ). Genuinely be at liberty to lift any games comparable to cornhole, card games, bocce, etc.

What’s various about this day out: We have got got the pioneer location, however this would possibly perchance perchance also be various from the pioneer trips from final year. Mainly, as talked about above, you are going to be to blame for your enjoy food. Additionally, we are able to be celebrating the nineteenth anniversary of my twenty first birthday. Query gradual nights spherical the fire, dogs slobber, loud music and folk ingesting….presumably plenty.

Procure extra details about Tugaloo Yelp Park at

Rate: $10. You need to pay by meetup will fetch to you signal in. Yelp parks furthermore price $5 for parking within the event you don’t fetch a train park traipse. Expert tip: park passes are most incessantly readily accessible to establish out at your local library.

Are Canine Authorized: Canine shall be on this day out, however now we fetch already reached our maximum need of dogs. If this adjustments, I’m going to mention it within the feedback.

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