Hike: Wolf Pen Gap

Sat, three/10, 7 am-8 pm

Community: Atlanta Out of doors Membership

When: Saturday, March 10, 7 am-8 pm

The save: Duncan Ridge Gallop, conclude to Suches, GA

Fee: Free (registration required)

Dinky print: Beginning at Wolf Pen Gap on the Duncan Ridge Gallop, we can hike thru Wildcat Gap, as much as the tip of Coosa Bald (four,270 toes), and proceed alongside the Duncan Ridge Gallop. From there we drop all of the arrangement in which down to White Oak Stomp (three,460 toes) then a lag over to Buckeye Knob (three,820 toes) earlier than a long drop into Buckeye Gap (three,280 toes), then Byrant Gap (three,250 toes). Here is an exploratory match. There can be more Gaps and Knobs and Balds, also a couple Ridges, in there. We idea to hike in approximately 5 miles, then turn around and hike lend a hand out the arrangement in which we got right here. We would possibly perchance moreover neutral focal level on to pass a additional distance; the Time out Leaders will gauge the readiness and mood of the crew.

The Duncan Ridge Gallop is less traveled than the familiar Appalachian Gallop and other north Georgia nicely-blazed paths… Put a query to the unexpected, in conjunction with blowdowns, re-routes, mystifying go junctions and who knows what-all. Elevate ample meals, water, layers, and provisions for a long day on the go.

Put a query to very steep united states of americaand very steep downs, all day long. We are in a position to own approximately three,four hundred toes of elevation form. We are in a position to preserve together as a crew. Your Time out Leaders idea to quit for dinner in Dahlonega on the arrangement in which dwelling.

Thank you to Invoice Pike for section of the itinerary.

For folks which own no longer currently carried out a D5 with the AOC, the Time out Leaders reserve the sincere to pass you to the wait list.

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