2018 CAMX A4 Crossbow

CAMX Crossbows are best known for their durability and accuracy. In the new CAMX A4, dependability and accuracy combine to deliver speed, stealthy silence, and deadly accuracy. A shooting experience that is like no other.

“We set out to engineer a crossbow for the serious crossbow hunter,” said Paul Vaicunas, vice president of CAMX Crossbows. “CAMX has taken crossbow durability to all new levels, and we’ve now engineered the most technologically advanced crossbow. The A4 Suspension System delivers blistering speeds while giving the user a whisper quiet and smooth-as-silk shooting experience.”

A4 Suspension System

The A4 Suspension System uses a patent-pending inboard cam system with a unique swing arm design including a total of four axles. This system creates a crossbow that delivers zero shock to the shooter, resulting in a more consistently accurate shot at any distance. The innovative engineering in the system delivers speeds of 370 feet per second, in CAMX’s ultra-compact 10.5” wide (axle-to-axle) front end.

Limb Technology

The CAMX A4 features a three-layer laminated split-limb design. CAMX limbs are known for being armor tough, and the A4’s limbs are no different. Laminated glass skins are applied to both sides of the limb, covering all exposed fibers. Ballistic nylon tips protect the ends of the limbs and provide years of durability.

Pivoting Arrow Retention (P.A.R. ™) System

CAMX’s patented PAR system provides optimal, consistent pressure on the arrow. This prevents the arrow from becoming loose in the system and falling out of the crossbow – even with a direct impact to the front end. The PAR is a cornerstone to CAMX’s industry-leading anti-dry fire mechanism. Only with an arrow properly loaded (or through specific, manual override) can the CAMX Lo-Drag Fire Control Trigger be pulled.

Patented Thumbsaver™ Technology

The CAMX Thumbsaver protects the shooter’s forehand for the full travel path of the string. The Thumbsaver design allows the shooter to place the front hand wherever is most comfortable for the particular shot. Hunting situations require flexibility and CAMX’s Thumbsaver Technology delivers complete protection without restriction.

“The engineering team behind this crossbow has nearly 100 years of crossbow engineering experience behind them,” said Josh Sidebottom, Vice President of New Product Development for The Outdoor Group. “With that kind of experience behind this new bow, it’s not surprising that we’ve developed the kinds of technology that have the potential to change the course of the crossbow industry as a whole.”

The CAMX A4 is offered in Realtree Xtra, Mossy Oak Treestand, or Ninja Black. It can be found at authorized CAMX dealers across the country. To learn more, visit CamX Crossbows’ website.

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