2017 Fixed-Blade Broadhead Test

We Putrid sixteen High Models on Sharpness, Accuracy, Penetration & Extra


It’s that time of twelve months when the air turns crisp, days develop shorter and smoke begins to roll from chimneys across the geographical region. There isn’t any longer any better time to be alive, and a range of of us are looking ahead to autumn love a child anticipates Christmas morning. Deep down inner, you realize the put apart you belong — perched in a ridgetop oak tree, nestled in a ground blind on the brink of a cornfield or slipping through the aspens and listening for a great elk bugle. Very few issues energize the vogue tumble does.

Must you are the identical previous bowhunting fanatic, you have already launched what appears love one million shots at some stage in the last six months. You would have tinkered, tweaked and tamed your rig to your pleasure, and also you are sooner or later ready to string a broadhead onto the terminate of your arrow. The rely on is, which head?

In at this time’s marketplace, there are actually 1000’s of broadhead makes and models that comprises varied weights, shapes, cutting diameters, blade designs and a host of other fresh-fangled functions. You could perchance well opt up your selection primarily based entirely for your hunting buddy’s recommendation, convincing commercials or the ferrule color that matches your bow tools. Higher but, that you just must draw shut wait on of the most thorough broadhead test ever keep together to slim down your decisions in the arrow cutlery buffet. The test personnel at Petersen’s BOWHUNTING has no bias, offers favor to no participant and reviews results as they’re produced — no exceptions! If truth be told, we wait till the results are tabulated sooner than selecting our dangle broadheads for the season. (And no, we’re no longer making any endorsements!)

We alternate our broadhead checking out between mounted-blade and mechanical heads, and this twelve months’s installment specializes in the most modern mounted-blade designs. Whereas you will gaze a range of acquainted faces amongst the competitors, you’ll also look several fresh and enticing heads. Chilly Steel’s Low-price Shot, as an instance, is the foremost mainstream molded polymer head that sells for supreme fairly over a dollar a portion, while Blood Treatment enters the sector with a round blade that breaks free and spins when it encounters too unparalleled resistance. Muzzy’s Trocar Swap has a straightforward adjustment that lets in the shooter to purchase one of three cutting diameters, and Bloodsport’s Wraith Deepcut functions a deeply scooped ferrule for improved flight efficiency characteristics. With a whopping sixteen heads on this twelve months’s test, there are too many to talk about them all here. So, let’s terminate your entire talk and opt up ultimate to the converse stuff — the assessments and results.

Test Philosophy
Our personnel of testers and toughen personnel involves construction experts, construction engineers, field fabric checking out experts, product specialists and computer engineers. Our aim is to objectively test a series of efficiency characteristics extreme to the winning completion of a broadhead’s mission. Tests are conducted with materials and processes that consequence in ultimate, self sufficient results. We originate on our experiences twelve months after twelve months and continuously eye to determine on up enhancements that can toughen our assessments and present more precious files to bowhunters.


Test Bow Setup: A Mathews NO CAM HTR used to be space up with a 29-mosey draw dimension and Sixty five-pound draw weight. It used to be outfitted with a NAP QuikTune 3000 arrow leisure and tuned with Carbon Explicit Maxima Red arrows, that were factory fletched with 2-mosey, offset vanes and tipped with a a hundred-grain fieldpoint to match the weight of the test heads. The bow used to be secured to the X-Ring Machine and paper tuned the utilization of the test arrows.

To that terminate, we utilize an array of excessive-tech tools reminiscent of the Velocitip arrangement from Beefy Flight Abilities to receive in-flight streak and retained vitality files. Accuracy is measured through the Petersen’s BOWHUNTING X-Ring Machine, which is developed far previous any commercially available taking pictures machine. And to create unhurried-circulation video of the broadheads in action — from cutting through sheet metallic to crashing into staunch rock — we previous an IDT excessive-bustle video camera.

The put apart we did no longer have the in-home assets to habits our assessments, we sourced world-class checking out services from the originate air. For example, sharpness checking out for all our broadhead blades used to be conducted on a narrate-of-the-artwork machine on the Cutlery & Allied Trades Examine Association in Sheffield, England. Pace, we ship broadhead blades across the Atlantic every twelve months to bring bowhunters the most dependable sharpness results you’ll glean wherever!

Complete Cutting Doable: The ability of a head to scale wait on — and the volume of cutting that takes space — is a part of sharpness, cutting diameter and quantity of blades. With this in thoughts, we calculate the Complete Cutting Doable (TCP) of a head by multiplying the radius by the volume of blades. We draw shut into legend it “doubtless,” because a lost blade in bone or in every other case means you have that unparalleled much less to attain the cutting as soon as the top breaks through into the core of the animal. Blade angle is no longer thought to be in the TCP, since angle does no longer change the volume of flesh that is minimize, as prolonged as penetration is equal.


Listed below are two examples of TCP calculations: A 2-blade, 2-mosey cutting diameter head has a radius of 1 mosey. To opt up the TCP, you multiply the radius by the volume of blades, which offers you a TCP of two inches. Now, draw shut into legend a three-blade head with a cutting diameter of 1.375 inches. The radius is .6875-mosey, so that you just multiply .6875 by the volume of blades, three. Your TCP is 2.0625 inches, which suggests you will minimize a miniature bigger than the 2-blade head with a 2-mosey cutting diameter.

Bodily Dimensions: A Mitutoyo eight-mosey dial caliper used to be previous to discover the scale of every broadhead’s cutting diameter, blade dimension, blade thickness and the scale of the top previous the terminate of the arrow. Cutting diameter on three-blade heads used to be calculated by laying two of the blade guidelines along one jaw of the caliper and the third on the assorted jaw. That quantity is split by 1.5, and then multiplied by 2. Example: Most attention-grabbing distance is .75/1.5=.5×2=1-mosey cutting diameter.


An Easton Digital Grain Scale, calibrated primarily based entirely on manufacturer’s directions, used to be previous to discover the mass weight of every particular particular person broadhead. Three separate heads were measured and averaged for a final consequence.

Scurry & Retained Energy: The Velocitip arrangement, which functions an digital arrow adaptor with built-in accelerometer, used to be previous to confirm the flight efficiency of more than a few broadheads. The significant files quiet from the arrangement used to be streak (a divulge measure of aerodynamic efficiency) and retained vitality (how unparalleled lethality the arrow retains).


For the explanation that actual identical arrow used to be previous for every shot, we are able to put away with the streak created by the vanes. So, the variations you gaze in our results signify a divulge comparability of 1 head to one other. We also incorporated fieldpoint files to give a benchmark for efficiency.

Hemorrhage Test: One amongst the more inviting assessments in our lineup is the hemorrhage test, so named since it is designed to give a relative measure of how unparalleled bleeding every broadhead will cause.

A series of thick plastic baggage were filled with exactly two gallons of pink water and marked with a reference line shut to the underside. Every receive used to be also vented to make certain that an equal quantity of inner stress.


We then suspended the baggage in entrance of our target and previous a Ravin R9 crossbow to shoot every test head through a number of the baggage. We recorded elapsed time from the fast the arrow used to be fired to the time the water level drained to the reference line.

Zero-Penetration Test: The zero-penetration test is a violent test designed to confirm the outer limits of a broadhead’s sturdiness. Every head used to be shot into the flat surface of a self-discipline stone at 20 yards and evaluated for spoil after affect.

The accompanying chart displays the spoil to every head. Excessive-bustle video tools used to be also previous to attract shut these impacts in unhurried circulation.


Laborious-Affect Test: The hard-affect test used to be designed to simulate the efficiency of a head after it encounters and passes through a troublesome field fabric reminiscent of bone.

This test used to be done at 20 yards, and the affect field fabric used to be .03-mosey sheet metallic.


A skinny, dense foam panel used to be positioned approximately 18 inches on the wait on of the metallic to “have interaction” the heads after passing through. Excessive-bustle video tools used to be also previous to attract shut these shots in unhurried circulation.

Sharpness: Three blades from every test model (one blade every from three fresh heads) were despatched to CATRA (Cutlery & Allied Trades Examine Association) in Sheffield, England, to measure blade sharpness with their Razor Edge Sharpness Test (REST) machine.


The machine measures the power required, in Newtons, to scale wait on through a rubber test medium. The much less power required to scale wait on the rubber, the sharper the blade. As a reference level, a shaving razor will customarily consequence in a studying shut to .three N. Additional files in regards to the REST machine will be realized on-line at www.CATRA.org.

Fieldpoint Comparison Test: A fieldpoint-tipped arrow used to be shot from the X-Ring machine at 25 yards to present us a reference level for comparing the broadhead affect functions on the target. No extra tuning used to be done originate air of the preliminary paper tune, as we did no longer have to present someone head a bonus. Three shots of every model are averaged to fetch 22 situation the suggestions.


Of the sixteen heads on this twelve months’s test, 10 pounded the identical 1×1-mosey square, while four extra heads were inner a pair tenths of an mosey from that identical square. Most productive two heads strayed from the pack, and neither of those made it originate air the 2-mosey vary. The underside line is all these heads will be tuned to hit the put apart you wish out to a minimal of 25 yards — and perchance loads farther for many shooters.

Penetration: We in contrast penetration the utilization of two forms of customized-built, block-vogue targets. One used to be fabricated from pure foam plates wrapped in plastic film, and the assorted used to be a three-field fabric combination of rubber-backed carpet, .03-mosey sheet metallic and foam plates, also wrapped with film.


Every head used to be shot thrice into every block, and the depth of penetration used to be recorded and averaged for a final consequence. We use artifical materials to retain constant media properties (hardness, firmness, density, etc.) required for legit test results.

The Opponents

Bloodsport Wraith Deepcut
The Deepcut is one of 5 models in the Wraith family. Built round a neatly-liked ferrule and more than one blade designs, other alternate suggestions in the lineup encompass in actual fact impartial appropriate treestand, turkey body, turkey head and widecut models. Armed with a 416 hardened stainless steel ferrule and chisel tip, the arrangement’s core is designed for sturdiness.


The Scooptail ferrule is intended to raise effectivity and accuracy. Chrome steel blades measure 1.25 inches prolonged, .032 inches thick and flare out at an angle that creates a 1.125-mosey cutting diameter. A bizarre, reversible blade originate is advertised to double the lifetime of the top.
MSRP: $29.99 per three | www.bloodsportarchery.com

Blood Treatment OCD
There isn’t any longer any mistaking Blood Treatment’s OCD on account of its one-of-a-kind, round significant blade. This round blade runs through the heart of the aluminum ferrule and is anchored with a single screw, which loosens on affect so the blade can rotate freely. Right here’s said to lower resistance at entry and when encountering bone, thereby bettering penetration.


The significant blade is 1 mosey in diameter and .059 inches thick, while the minimize-on-contact tip offers a .5625-mosey diameter and .039-mosey thickness. Blood Treatment centered its originate and checking out efforts on bettering flight and accuracy.
MSRP: $34.99 per three | www.bloodtherapybroadheads.com

Chilly Steel Low-price Shot
The Chilly Steel Low-price Shot is no longer factual varied from your entire other broadheads on this test; it is varied than every other broadhead I even have ever seen! At supreme $12.99 for a ten-pack or $39.99 for a 50-pack, that you just must gaze why the Company calls it the Low-price Shot and follows that with the tag line, “Cheap Broadheads.”


The Low-price Shot is made of a polymer specifically designed as a replacement for steel and advertised to be impervious to almost all climatic conditions. The reinforced tip is built to withstand harsh impacts,, and every bladed side is home to Chilly Steel’s signature “grip n’ rip” serrations.
MSRP: $12.99 per 10 | www.coldsteel.com

Ineffective Ringer The Butcher
Ineffective Ringer’s The Butcher is lethal searching with its vast, stainless steel significant blade that reaches out to a diploma approximately one mosey in entrance of the aluminum ferrule. The 1.935-mosey prolonged blade creates a 1.0625-mosey cutting diameter and is vented toward the rear to scale wait on down on weight and planing.


Bleeder blades are seated in the rear of the ferrule at ninety degrees to the significant blade and reach out to a .7-mosey cutting diameter. The minimize-on-contact vogue blade, which is the droop-to for many vast-sport hunters, is supposed to maximize penetration.
MSRP: $29.99 per three | www.deadringerhunting.com

G5 Montec
G5’s Montec has been round for years, but its straightforward, efficient originate continues to retain it amongst the industry’s most neatly-liked heads twelve months after twelve months. Featuring ultimate one-portion construction, the stainless steel Montec is made with MonoFlow manufacturing know-how, which results in consistency and in turn, repeatability on the vary.


The minimize-on-contact originate is supposed to toughen penetration, which many who lag the supreme of sport require. Blades are multi-tapered, with tapering in two directions from the blade edge. G5 affords a inviting, carbon steel version of this neatly-liked head moreover to pre-season note heads.
MSRP: $41.ninety five per three | www.g5outdoors.com

Innerloc Slice
The three-blade Slice functions a heart locking arrangement that kinds a varied and apparently destroy out-proof blade retention mechanism. Blades are angled along the attachment edge and fit through slots in the ferrule. As soon as in space, the blades are secured as the shaft, which is segment of the stainless steel trocar tip, reaches through the ferrule and threads into the snide, trapping the twisted portion of the blades towards the inner wall of the ferrule.


This strategy generally creates a floating ferrule and blade unit that will doubtless be positioned in any orientation desired sooner than clamping the unit together. Matching tapers on the snide and inner of the body be half of for a proper fit and alignment. Innerloc calls this Blade Alignment Abilities (BAT).
MSRP: $39.99 per three | www.innerloc.com

Muzzy Trocar Swap 
Muzzy outfits the three-blade Swap with a trocar tip and short, stainless steel ferrule. The .035-mosey thick stainless steel blades rotate on a single pin shut to the tip, while the snide of the blades, every with three space notches, swing freely.


A blade collar slides up into your series of the three notches to lock the top into cutting diameters of 1, 1.125 or 1.25 inches. Right here’s designed to give the archer three application-primarily based entirely decisions in a single head. Blades are also offset to induce chase, which is identified to stabilize flight and tighten groups.
MSRP: $39.99 per three | www.muzzy.com

QAD Exodus 
QAD’s Exodus had won a reputation over time for its well-known strength, sturdiness and lethality. Blades sweep wait on over the shaft to create a short head designed for strength and accuracy.


This configuration also lets in for longer blade lengths and in turn shallower blade angles to reach the slightly wide 1.25-mosey cutting diameter irrespective of the short ferrule, which is supposed to raise penetration. QAD’s Rock-Buster hardened tip leads the vogue for this all stainless steel head, while the .04-mosey thick replaceable blades attain the cutting.
MSRP: $39.99 per three | www.qadinc.com

Rocket Final Steel
Rocket’s Final Steel broadhead has been in the lineup for years and is tranquil a top vendor. The three-blade head sports activities a 1-mosey cutting diameter designed to determine on up the job executed on sport while producing tight groups at prolonged distances. Blades are .035 inches thick and measure approximately .625 inches prolonged.


The vast short steel ferrule is designed to toughen strength, while the chisel tip is made for penetrating bone if main. Rocket’s Beaverbrook Skinner blades are replaceable.
MSRP: $19.99 per three | www.rocketbroadheads.com

NAP Thunderhead Nitro 
The made-in-the-USA Thunderhead Nitro functions all steel construction to maximize sturdiness and strength. The head is outfitted with three steel blades that fit right into a slot on the ferrule and are anchored by inserting the forward level below the lip on the tip and threading a screw through the body.


With a 1.0625-mosey cutting diameter, the Nitro is designed for accuracy with at this time’s snappy bows and crossbows. The Trivex tip is designed to construct appropriate aerodynamics while also successfully handling bone.
MSRP: $39.99 per three | www.newarchery.com

Ramcat Authentic
The three-blade Ramcat Authentic functions a chisel tip with three concave scoops designed to draft the air over the blades, thereby disposing of any planing that could perchance plague other designs. Blade-over-shaft know-how shortens the one-portion, stainless steel ferrule for added strength and is advertised to raise penetration.


A double O-ring arrangement, called Aero Insert Abilities, on the threaded shank ensures the broadhead is fully concentric in the insert and eliminates thread play. Blades are cantilevered for enhanced aerodynamics and are sharpened on all aspects to give a wait on minimize and simple arrow removal.
MSRP: $39.99 per three | www.ramcatbroadheads.com

Rocky Mountain Advantage
Rocky Mountain’s Advantage is a impartial appropriate minimize-on-contact broadhead with the one portion significant blade coming to a diploma in entrance of the ferrule. This vogue of head is believed to penetrate better as it in the present day begins cutting slightly than punching through.


On the side of the bleeder blades, here is technically a four-blade originate with the significant blade measuring .04-mosey thick and producing a 1.125-mosey cutting diameter and the bleeder coming in at .036 inches thick and a 1-mosey diameter.
MSRP: $24.99 per three | www.huntrockymountain.com

Slick Trick ViperTrick Pro 
Slick Trick’s ViperTrick Pro is an all stainless steel version of the neatly-liked ViperTrick. The .035-mosey thick SS Lutz blades are impervious to weather and are said to have scalpel-grade sharpness. Lutz customized blades, engineered in Germany since 1922, are thought to be an elite product.


Slick Trick’s patented Alcatraz Bladelock arrangement secures the blades inner the Mountainous Steel ferrule. The significant blade has a 1.0625-mosey cutting diameter, while the smaller bleeder blade spans .875 inches. A graceful, 2-edge tip completes the equipment.
MSRP: $forty seven.99 per three | www.slicktrick.web

TruGlo Titanium X three Blade
Loaded with functions, TruGlo’s Titanium X three-Blade broadhead is built on a one-portion titanium ferrule that involves their built-in Tru-Lower tip. The cutting edges on the tip, that are said to scale wait on on contact, line up with the three Tru-Through precision sharpened stainless steel blades, that are .031 inches thick and .875 inches prolonged.


TruGlo keeps the bowhunter in thoughts as they chase and sharpness test the heads sooner than shipping to make certain that out-of-the-pack efficiency and reliability. TruGlo also affords four-blade mounted and mechanical variations of the Titanium X.
MSRP: $41 per three | www.truglo.com

Wac’Em four Blade
The Wac’Em four Blade broadhead is built on a staunch, hardened stainless steel ferrule. It has an built-in chisel tip with four sharpened edges that line up with the four stainless steel blades. Blade guidelines lock right into a pocket below the chisel tip on the entrance edge, are seated in a slot on the ferrule and then are secured on the wait on terminate with a washer and the arrow shaft.


The .027-mosey thick blades, that are replaceable if main, will sharpen on a flat stone. This head is equipped in eighty five-, a hundred- and 125-grain variations, all of which characteristic a 1.0625-mosey cutting diameter.
MSRP: $39.99 per four | www.wacemarchery.com

Wasp Drone
Wasp’s Drone sports activities a staunch steel ferrule milled from a hundred % steel bar stock — no powdered or pressed metals are previous. A stainless-steel trocar tip with three sharpened edges that match up with the blades is designed to promote aerodynamic flight while also penetrating cloak and bone.


The tip is hardened to Rockwell 46C. Blades, which measure .027-mosey thick and construct a 1.125-mosey cutting diameter, are replaceable and the pack involves two objects of replacement blades.
MSRP: $29.99 per three | www.wasparchery.com



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