Does Hunting with Ozone Really Work?

As the younger Kansas buck ambled toward me alongside a dawdle corridor, I knew I’d rapidly learn if my buddy’s Ozonics unit is all he, and the corporate, claim it is. Downwind your full time, the buck stopped at much less than 15 yards away. I anticipated that he’d toss his nose in the wind, but he didn’t. He correct stood there, dazed and licking his nose time and all yet again, never as soon as performing alert. He was as soon as there at the very least 20 minutes.


Feeble successfully, an in-the-field ozone generator admire this Ozonics HR-300 will neat the air between you and the game animal. (Photo by Justin Olk, host of DreamPoint’s Game of Inches on Sportsman Channel)

I feel regarding the Ozonics unit no longer ultimate kept me from being busted, on the other hand it kept the buck spherical longer, and sparked some novel habits I hadn’t previously witnessed. I point out, the buck had no reason to stand in that draw for that dimension of time — the condominium wasn’t baited or the rest admire that.

I experienced identical results two mornings later when a 2-yr-archaic 10-pointer fed right this moment downwind from me for half an hour in one more jam. Fancy the other buck, he never as soon as grew to change into alert. These two encounters made me have confidence that ozone skills was as soon as the missing ingredient in my looking out out strategy.

Perhaps you’re involved on purchasing an ozone unit, and even nothing about them. Either system, let’s talk about about how they work and how the utilization of 1 can invent you a extra effective, and good, bowhunter.

What is Ozone Skills?
Is there a closer system to love ozone skills than to talk about about it with individuals who pioneered it into the looking out out world? I feel no longer. So, I visited with Ozonics’ Buddy Piland.

“Ozone skills is a scientific precept at the molecular level,” Piland shared. “Ozone is created while you occur to use high-voltage electricity to crack an oxygen molecule. When that molecule breaks up, the pieces desire to reattach to one thing. As soon as they reattach to one more oxygen molecule, Othree is created, which is ozone—a highly effective oxidant.

“Ozone was as soon as found about A hundred and fifty years ago, and it’s been archaic broadly in industrial capabilities,” Piland mentioned. “It destroys micro organism. Human smell is micro organism, which brings us to how ozone makes scientific sense as an efficient looking out out tool.” 

Ozone for Attempting Capabilities
Despite the indisputable truth that it wasn’t found unless A hundred and fifty years ago, ozone has been spherical since the starting attach of time. “Each and each time lightning strikes the bottom, 1000’s of pounds of ozone are created,” Piland mentioned. “Ozonics objects produce that identical contemporary smell you inhale initiate air after a storm.

“Ozonics founder Dr. Scott Elrod is a dentist by commerce,” Piland mentioned. “He’d been the utilization of ozone machines in his dental note for equipment sterilization, room sterilization and to kill smell. In some unspecified time in the future while cauterizing tissue on a affected person with a laser, which creates a shocking burnt-flesh smell, Elrod had an assistant bring an ozone machine into the room to peep if it can perhaps aid in the low cost of the smell. To Elrod’s amazement, the machine exclusively destroyed the smell, and he might perhaps perhaps no longer smell it.”

Being an avid outdoorsman and passionate elk hunter, Elrod’s wheels began turning. “He felt that if ozone destroyed the unsettling smells of cauterization, perhaps it had looking out out capabilities,” Piland mentioned. “For roughly three years, Elrod persevered thinking on this thought, and the first Ozonics prototypes had been designed and in-built 2007. We examined the objects on free-fluctuate whitetails in South Texas. The results blew us away.”

In conserving with Piland, many misconceive that when game animals bust hunters that they are smelling the hunter. “In point of fact that the animal doesn’t smell you,” he shared. “They smell the smell you produce or delight in attain into contact with as it flows into the downwind airstream. The major distinction between us as a scent-elimination company and the others in that area of interest is that we don’t hassle about what you’re wearing, what you smell admire or what you’re spraying onto yourself—no longer asserting this stuff obtained’t aid or aren’t crucial. In point of fact that if we are able to retain the air between us and the animal neat, it doesn’t topic what we smell admire.

“In looking out out capabilities, Ozonics objects flood the downwind airstream with highly effective oxidizing molecules,” Piland mentioned. “Those molecules quit what God created them to quit. [The molecules] desire to return to their identical old exclaim, and so that they give the impact of being for the rest to connect with. Ideally, [the molecules] desire to connect with one more single [molecule] and change into O2 all yet again, but they in overall hook up with pollen, dust and moisture. On this case, they connect with odors—micro organism—you initiate into the downwind airstream.”

Piland archaic a scaled-up illustration to demonstrate that interaction. “Imagine your human-smell molecule as a wide pickup truck and the ozone molecules as runt BBs,” he mentioned. “When all of the ‘BBs’ attack that ‘pickup truck,’ they break it. Almost straight away, the human-smell footprint dissolves. We continuously verbalize that human smell in the presence of ozone for the factual quantity of time, and at the factual concentration, will be eradicated. Other than for that, ozone continuously alters and reduces human smell.”

Ozone Creates Alternatives
While visiting, Piland discussed how 1000’s of merchandise annually enter the looking out out world, but few in fact produce alternatives. “Most merchandise are designed to merit you maximize existing alternatives—quicker bow, better rest, etc.,” he urged.

“Ozone, when archaic precisely, turns into powerfully effective, and even creates alternatives to hunt in eventualities the attach the wind is shifty or marginal. Within the past, I’d never hunt stands on heart-broken winds, even supposing I had ultimate a few days to hunt, because I knew I’d survey few deer, if any, and the ones I’d survey would spook. Now, I quit hunt stands on marginal winds, and I quit it efficiently. Again, Ozonics creates alternatives to hunt that didn’t previously exist.”

After the utilization of an Ozonics unit final fall and seeing it work, plus figuring out the skills extra clearly by discussing it with Piland, ozone has found a everlasting draw in my looking out out arsenal. I’m right here to expose you that must you’re no longer the utilization of it, you’re missing a severe ingredient to your methodology.

Ozone Tools
Don’t Miss out on Your Automobile
You use scent-removing merchandise religiously at the same time as you hunt, but did you neglect about your fling to and from looking out out areas? Gas, espresso, scent and use all invent your automobile proper into a scent manufacturing facility. With Scent Crusher’s Ozone Plod ($forty nine.99), don’t be fooled by its minute dimensions, which can very neatly be .seventy six×four.33×1.6 inches.

With it that it is possible you’ll rob odors, micro organism and contaminants out of your automobile. This nifty runt tool simply plugs proper into a 12-volt outlet in your automobile or truck. Ozone Plod has a 30-minute computerized timer, then cycles generated ozone after that. And, it has an LED Ozone Emittance Gentle. The unit has a two-yr guarantee and is upkeep- and chemical-free.


Scent Crusher Ozone Plod

Forty five % More Ozone
Ozonics’ HR-300 ($499.99) is the corporate’s most modern in-the-field ozone generator. It’s a runt elevated than the confirmed HR-200, which results in Forty five% extra ozone output. The HR-300 utilizes Pulse Skills, which is designed to steadiness time and ozone concentration to optimize scent elimination.

The HR-300 is acceptable with Ozonics’ a lot of ozone supply platforms, together with the Kinetic pack and Dri-Wash Descenting System. And, with the unique Neat Battery, customers can show screen their final battery existence. The unit weighs merely sixteen ounces, and that 1 pound might perhaps perhaps spell the variation between blowing deer or a broadside shot different.


Ozonics HR-300


Dri-Wash Descenting System

Scentlok fans: possible the most market’s most versatile ozone generators has arrived. Enter Scentlok Enforcer ($99.Ninety five). This deepest-sized ozone generator is designed to quietly carry out balanced amounts of ozone that look out and break smell and micro organism molecules in its course. The Enforcer is ultimate for use in enclosed areas corresponding to totes, closets and power baggage.

The Enforcer goes a step additional by providing a power monetary institution with which to fee pills and smartphones. The rechargeable, pocket-sized Enforcer presents you eight hours of battery existence at the side of 1- and three-hour operating modes. Bar none, the Enforcer solves your smell-retain an eye on wants.


Scentlok Enforcer

The Enormous Mouth
Break smell in your clothing and power in a single day in Whitetail’R’s ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Rep Kit ($one hundred forty). Designed durably and with climate-resistance, the BigMOUTH Rep has taped seams and a rip-quit lining.

Within the past, hunters needed to easy clothing after every hunt in bid to attach away with micro organism-producing sweat. With the BigMouth Rep, which aspects dimensions of 24×17.5×12 inches, simply toss your gear in and switch the ozone-producing unit on low in a single day to atomize all odors and micro organism. It’s that straightforward!


Whitetail’R ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Rep Kit

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