Pitch on a Ledge: MSR Advance Pro 4-Season Tent Review

What’s better than a light-weight, low-profile tent that’s rotund ample to face as much as the aspects? One you should situation up with out transferring your feet.

msr come real 2 tent on mount baker
Photo credit ranking: Mountain Bureau, LLC

A brand contemporary launch for 2017, the Advance Professional 2 goals squarely at the alpinist or mountaineer chasing lofty targets on no longer easy and dedicated routes. We examined the tent on the North Ridge of Mount Baker in Washington … and for the length of Storm Harvey in Texas.

The MSR Advance Professional 2 combines water-resistant-breathable, single-wall building, little produce factor, and composite Easton Syclone poles to present protection to climbers from harsh stipulations in a minimalist fashion. It reduces weight, complexity, and likely complications.

msr come real 2 tent
The MSR Advance Professional: listing by Earl Harper

Altogether – tent body, stuff sack, poles, pole stuff sack, stakes, stake stuff sack, and all guylines – the tent has a verified weight of three kilos, 2.1 oz. The “alpine kit” (tent body, linked guylines, and poles most captivating) weighs 2 kilos, eleven oz.

Briefly: The MSR Advance Professional 2 prioritizes protection from stormy stipulations and ease of pitching in no longer easy eventualities over comfort. This addresses the core wants of many mountaineers.

Easy, Sturdy Accomplish: MSR Advance Professional 2

The Advance Professional 2 makes utilize of 20d ripstop nylon and two-ply water-resistant-breathable cloth rated to 1,000 mm on the tent body. The ground is 30d ripstop nylon, Durashield polyurethane-covered cloth rated to just a few,000 mm. All seams are manufacturing facility taped.

msr come real 2 tent evaluation four-season
Photo credit ranking: Mountain Bureau, LLC

The compact ground size, 24 sq. feet, permits pitching in tight areas. And the 38-cubic-foot interior volume with Forty four-high-tail prime prime honest suits two climbers. A single U-fashioned door and two ceiling vents present airflow.

A key feature of the Advance Professional 2 is the Easton Syclone pole system. The multidirectional aerospace-grade composite fibers carry out the most resilient pole ever produced by Easton Mountain Sports. They weigh the an identical and rate as great as aluminum poles however claim Eighty % greater sturdiness within the wind and for the length of flex testing. Plus, the Syclone poles like three to four times the elongation and tension-to-failure of Easton’s carbon tent poles.

One other nod to resiliency are three of the man-out aspects on the perimeters and inspire of the tent. These guy-outs are polymer discs bonded to the internal of the tent body, distributing tensile forces over a substantial surface remark. This means there are no longer any seams to lag or cloth loops to fail.

Single-Point Pitching

MSR additionally designed the $550 Advance Professional 2 with a convincing setup feature. The tent’s hybrid pole sleeve and clip system allow a single climber to deploy the tent body from the pack and pitch it with out transferring their feet.

The video beneath demonstrates this in action.

This plan proves invaluable for climbers perched on a narrow ledge. And it helps attach the tent from crampon anguish when taking them off on a snowy ascent isn’t an choice.

Storm Check: MSR Advance Professional 2

msr come real 2 tent woods

I purchased this tent honest as Storm Harvey became blasting the soar of Texas. By the level it blew north to my home, it became downgraded to a tropical storm however carried document-breaking rainfall and staunch gusts – gigantic stipulations for the first take a look at pitch of the tent.

The tent stayed up on my property for two days and two nights, receiving 10 inches of rainfall and gusts that had been staunch ample to down used bushes. The tent became exclusively guyed out, all 10 stakes and six guy lines at work. Though some stakes ripped out of the bottom, the tent never structurally failed.

And while torrential rain never breached the tent body cloth, water did enter via capillary action by technique of the door-mounted internal guying loops, which pierce the tent body to change into outside guy-out loops. For my share, applying seam sealant to the outside share of these nylon loops could maybe well potentially solve this self-discipline.

msr come real 2 tent mount baker

Evaluate MSR Advance Professional 2 on the Mountain

The tent then journeyed to Mount Baker for a five-day raise-over climb and practising mission by technique of the North Ridge. Other than three feet of contemporary snow, the climate window supplied mute alpine stipulations starting from rain within the wooded area to light snow and moderate finishes up high.

Pitching became hasty and straightforward. Though we carried out with out narrow ledges, the hybrid pole sleeve and clip system had been mute welcome. We ancient your entire guy-outs honest in case, and never one in all the attachments showed any signal of tension even with high line stress.

I most smartly-liked the compact ground understanding when procuring for a tent dwelling and stomping or digging out the pitching location. I’m 6 feet substantial, 100 sixty five kilos, and my accomplice is 5 feet 9 inches, a hundred and fifty kilos. We every notion to be the bottom attach and interior volume sufficient for alpine-fashion mountain climbing.

The almost vertical sidewalls and side guy-outs had been predominant to carry out the compact ground understanding workable. We left packs and equipment outside however kept garments, food, and water bottles internal. Even when objects (and folks) touched every diversified, every of us slept soundly and even had room to hold objects to dry.

msr come real 2 tent commence

With two our bodies internal wind-proof partitions, humidity became somewhat high. We opened every roof vents and cracked commence the door when winds allowed. Condensation on the internal tent body surface became equal to diversified single-wall, two-individual alpine tents I in actuality like ancient. Bumping the tent partitions resulted in minor drips, however drips never fell on their very have faith.

Impressions: MSR Advance Professional 2 Alpine Tent

Total, my mountain climbing accomplice, a successfully-seasoned IFMGA files, and I proclaimed the MSR Advance Professional 2 to be our favourite two-individual alpine tent. It emerged and not using a anguish outside of a crampon piercing within the door – shopper error.

Truly, my accomplice – subsidized by but any other tent trace – vowed to work out a formulation to carry out the Advance Professional 2 his go-to North Cascades tent.

When you happen to’re procuring for a high-alpine tent that stands as much as the aspects, takes up minimal attach (and weight) within the pack, and sets up with ease, MSR Advance Professional 2 is my advice. At $550, it’s a honest investment however successfully beneath prime tent costs within the class.

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