QTPOC Soul Stroll: Muir Woods

Sat, 2/17, eleven am-1:30 pm

Community: SPECTRUM Unprecedented Media

When: Saturday, February 17, eleven am-1:30 pm

The assign: Muir Woods Nationwide Monument, Mill Valley, CA

Price: Free

Diminutive print: Be half of us for our next QTPOC Soul Stroll in Muir Woods! This match is FREE for our QTPOC commUNITY. This QTPOC Soul Stroll will possible be hosted by our very enjoy Spectrum Unprecedented Media Sentinel, Hector Falero. Hector is an Interpretive Ranger for the Muir Woods and is possible to be facilitating our Soul Stroll all the perfect way by way of the woods. Muir Woods has reserved 10 parking spots for us in the park for this match. Please post on this match internet page in case that you can per chance also very successfully be readily available to produce rides for our carpool. 

(Even as you agree with additional questions in regards to the match, please contact sQm Sentinel, L. Roy, at 805-248-0853.)

Family members Folkz, founding father of Spectrum Unprecedented Media (sQm), birthed The QTPOC Soul Stroll in 2010. It is an intentional healing gathering for QTPOC thoughts, body, and spirit wellness. It became once particularly created for QTPOC who strive and search out alternatives to join with assorted QTPOC in Nature (and assorted naturally healthy spaces). It is a QTPOC (Murky, Brown and/or Indigenous-identified) direct Healing Soul Stroll by way of Nature created to begin gathered oppression toxins and refuel, reconnect, recharge with Nature.

All by way of our stroll, that you can per chance also very successfully be welcome to pick time to pick in individual healing actions along the strolling meditation.
The Spectrum Unprecedented Media Soul Stroll: QTPOC Healing Stations agree with incorporated:

• Spectrum Unprecedented Media FREEDOM RITE (please elevate paper and pen for a free write journaling session);
• Rhythmix – setting up healing realignment melodies and movements with Nature – the usage of
• Breathwork + Grounding Mute Meditation
• Price Me Wanna Hollar – Primal Start Cry

Completely happy and sturdy closed-toe sneakers that might per chance per chance grip a path
Layers of warmth clothing
Crammed water bottle

Weekly, monthly and annual occasions are currently being planned and coordinated by Spectrum Unprecedented Media Sentinels, Family members Folkz and L Roy Spence. If YOU are fascinated by being a sQm QTPOC Soul Stroll Coordinator – We WELCOME YOU – accurate LET US KNOW ♥!

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