Hiking Gear

Recipe: MiddView Granola Bar

Developed by a college outdoor program, this may be the best bar you’ll ever eat. It might not have the most elegant name, but the MiddView granola bar has plenty of qualities to make up for it. This staple of Middlebury College outdoor life earned its name from the first-year orientation trip program, MiddView. Every…

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Wild Game Recipes

Red Wine Venison

                Ingredients: Venison roast Salt Pepper 3 cups beef broth 1 cup dry red wine Directions: Sprinkle venison roast with salt and pepper. Place venison into greased slow cooker. Pour beef broth and red wine over venison (the roast needs to be completely covered with liquid, add more …

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Trail Grub

How to Make Delicious DIY Jerky

Go way beyond Slim Jims with these flavorful, make-ahead snacks. Jerky is tasty, and easy to make. (Photo by Alpha/Flickr) “I didn’t grow up with jerky,” says Pamela Braun, author of Jerky Everything. “But my love for great cuts of meat combined with my near obsession with my dehydrator allowed me to discover that jerky could not…

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