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Important Changes in the Colorado Big Game Application Process

  There are several important changes in the Colorado application process in 2018 that need your attention before you apply for 2018 licenses. The CPW has gone to a single, integrated purchasing system. Hunters that were in the previous system must now look up their previous account and set up their profile in the new…

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Hunting News

Vermont Drastically Reduces Number of Moose Permits This Year

Vermont JournalVermont has reduced the number of moose hunting permits by nearly 85 percent. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board voted to reduce the number of moose hunting permits the state will make available this year to 13. That’s a drastic reduction from last year’s 80 permits. The board also voted to limit the annual bull…

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Wild Game Recipes

Bear Meat Bratwurst Sausage

Chef Eileen Clarke serves the brats in patty version for breakfast.Recipe and images by Eileen Clarke “There’s a bit of bite in these bear brats and it comes from four places: first from the white and red peppers which is obvious, as is the mustard powder and garlic, the second and third sources. But the…

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