The Hike Forever Fitness Plan: Age 35-50

Get ready for the long fitness haul with these skills, workouts, and essential info. The Body Fit hikers in this age range routinely overtake huffing and puffing twentysomethings on big days. That’s because endurance performance reaches its absolute peak in the late 30s. Long-distance runners and most mountaineers achieve their greatest physical potential during this…

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How To Recover Today and Hike Stronger Tomorrow

An expert personal trainer shares tips on a post-hike recovery regimen that’ll keep your trail legs strong. Recover today, hike stronger tomorrow. photo: Image Catalog / Flickr1. Coast into camp to reduce cramps Recovery should start before you reach camp. When you are within 5 to 10 minutes of camp, slow your pace to a lower intensity. This…

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Should You Hike Barefoot?

Humans did it for thousands of years. But is barefoot walking right for you? The experts sound off. Yes, no, maybe. The experts debate the controversial craze. Proponents of barefoot running and hiking—booming in popularity since the 2009 publication of Born to Run—claim that training shoeless builds foot strength and reduces injuries. One outfit, Barefoot…

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