Hunting scopes: Which one to choose?


The optical market is evolving by leaps and bounds due to the use of computers in the design of lenses and the new coatings used that considerably increase their performance. That is why we can find more and more precise, lighter and brighter tools. Nowadays, it is possible to find high quality and very efficient hunting scopes at quite affordable prices like the Best Scope for AR 15 under $100. But how do you know which one is the one you are most interested in?

In general, what you should take into account when buying a rifle scope for hunting is that it is versatile and allows you to shoot quickly without having to use too much magnification for close-range shots. But it is also important that it gives you enough margin in case we find one of those head positions that all hunters dream about. In any case, you should know that having the best hunting scope will not help you if you don’t have it in your sights or are not using the right ammunition.

Keys to choosing a good hunting rifle scope

In any decision-making process, we must take into account a number of factors that will help us make the best decisions. In the case of hunting scopes, it is also important that we make this analysis, especially if we take into account that, in most cases, the information we need is just a click away. Here are some tips for choosing hunting scopes.

  • Using the Viewer

It is very important that you are clear about which hunting modality you are going to practice with the hunting mask you want to buy. Although it may be very obvious, it is the most important thing, since it is not the same to buy a visor for a hunt, for a hunt, for stalking or for a wait.

  • Viewfinder reticle

You can opt for a foreground or background focal reticle, an illuminated or unlit reticle. The use we make of it also plays a key role in this decision. For the monterías, it doesn’t matter much, but for the recesses, the best option is the second focal plane and for the waits, the illuminated reticle.

  • Distance from the eye to the viewfinder

This is a very important aspect to take into account when buying a viewer or another. If we don’t place the sight at the right distance and bring it too close to our eye, we can get a wound on our eyebrow from a blow from the viewfinder. Usually, in a hunting rifle, the minimum distance is between seven and a half centimeters and ten. It is therefore essential that you make sure that the rifle scope gives you a clear view of the entire range of vision in this range of space.

  • Number of magnifications

Obviously, the hunter has to feel comfortable with the hunting mask. To do this, it is essential that you think about your hunting habits. For example, if you are used to hunting, it is advisable to buy a rifle scope with a low magnification and a 24 or 32 bell at most.

  • Lenses

The most common hunting scopes include an average of eight lenses. The type of glass, the level of technology used for the coatings and the treatments applied to shape it will determine the quality of the rifle scope itself. The difference between a 250-euro and a 9-euro rifle scope is precisely the clarity with which the image is seen. You don’t have to be an expert to see this.

Good brands of scopes usually have models with water-repellent treatments so that the drops do not affect visibility, allowing you to aim at the part without problems even if it is pouring. This is why it is very important to consider this before buying a visor.

  • Built-in rail

It is essential that you are clear about the diameter of the tube you want. Do you prefer a typical European tube of 30 mm or a more American model of 1? Do you want a sight glass with a tube of 36 mm or any other size? Also, you can always opt for viewfinders with a rail.

  • Display settings

All hunting rifle scopes feature adjustments to raise or lower the reticle, to counteract lateral deviations and to focus according to the hunter’s own view. These controls, based on small roulettes and buttons, allow you to change the position of the crosshair and therefore the point of impact of the bullet. The best option to calibrate the viewfinder is the roulettes, since they allow to know where we had left it and, in case of hits, to recover the configuration easily.

  • Versatility

Nowadays, many hunters are looking for scopes that cover all their needs in different modalities of practice or for most of them, so that they do not need to invest in several scopes and can save money. For this reason, many are opting for versatile scopes, with a wide range of magnification and a bell diameter that covers both stalking and hunting and waiting modes.

  • Viewfinder mounts

The most common thing is to put a base and ring system on the viewfinder. This way, we can buy more complete frames. But if you already have it and do not want to make an extra expense, you can take advantage of them and buy the viewfinder according to the frames you already have. However, it may also be the case that the rifle scope you have chosen is a rail scope and that in order to mount it, it is necessary to buy a base with certain rings or, if you already have the base on your rifle, to buy a scope based on it.

  • Price of the hunting rifle scope

In today’s market, it is possible to find a wide variety of options, so it is important to establish a maximum budget so as not to go over what you want to spend. The biggest advantage is that we can find high quality hunting scopes at really low prices.


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