8 Insanely Simple Deer Hunting Tips.

Are you eagerly waiting the whole year for deer season? You may have all the necessary equipment essential for deer-hunting and passion also. But you need to know that only passion and gears are not enough to succeed in deer hunting. You must know some tips and tricks for getting the ultimate success. If you are either a newbie or a professional in hunting deer, you should follow some rules to be a better hunter this time than you were last. But do you really have enough time to track down the tips on your own?

We are going to help you in this matter. We did research on it and also talked with some professional, successful deer-hunters who are actually a pro in hunting and sum up all the results into the following article. If you really want to take things upper-level, you can follow our suggestions.

We suggest seven pro tips that are actually going to help you out. Here goes…

#1. Be obsessed with scent control: You will be successful or not in the deer-hunting session; it totally depends on the ability to cover the smell you have. Deer can detect from a distance how your body smells with their super-sensitive defense system, and this is how they get secure from predators like you. If you think you are untraceable because you are far away from them, you are wrong. They can even detect your smell from the place you passed some times before. So, if you underestimate the deer, in this case, you will lose for sure.

You can cover your body smell by using different smell eliminators. Before going hunting, you need to spray the smell eliminator in your shoes and other parts of your body. It won’t allow your body-smell to spread out. Another thing you can do to cover up the smell is bathing with scent-free soap. You just need to bathe with scent-free soap just before going out of the hunting. Don’t forget to avoid your mountain-fresh towel after a shower. It will help all your efforts go in vain. If you do all these to control your body-smell, you’ll be able to sit for a longer time.

#2. Hunting with Air Rifles: Another effective way of hunting rabbits is by using hunting air rifles. Air rifles are light-weight and easy-to-carry. You don’t even need to maintain it regularly. Rabbits have hind legs and can run away quickly. So you need to make the shot as soon as possible. You can’t make it possible with any heavy gun. So air rifles are somehow suitable in small games like rabbit hunting.

#3. Dupe the deer: If you are facing enough trouble finding deer, you can try hunting with a decoy. If you believe decoy won’t help you much, you are genuinely a few steps back than others. Because you can get more chances through the decoy method. It will actually give you extra help that you may need to get a doe. So prepare to use this trick on your next hunting trip. But make sure that the decoy setup is well-prepared and compatible also.

#4. Be attractive: Being attractive can be another great trick to get closer to a deer when facing problems to get them. It seems quite weird. But it actually works. You can seduce a deer using several attractants like deer feed, deer urine, deer feeders, etc. You will get all kinds of attractants in the market. This will help to maximize your hunting success.

#5. Try using a bow: Using a bow can get you a step closer to your success. If you can maintain bow, this would be perfect for you to use a bow in deer-hunting. But before that, you must have to take care of some things. You need to choose a bow that is perfect for you to maintain. You should practice with the bow again and again to get the ultimate result and accuracy. You must use sharp broadheads to ensure strong shots.

#6. Be quiet: All your efforts mentioned above will go in vain if you can’t be quiet. Deer have such excellent hearing power that they can detect your movement and sounds from a long distance. You can’t make noise in the woods. Even you have to walk there slowly, without making any sound. For this, you can wear sound eliminating boots. So things are easier now.

#7. Know when to hurt: Though you are well-prepared, you can’t get deer anytime. There are some particular times when you will find them available to aim especially early in the morning and in the evening when the sunsets. In the evening time, they will be available in the deer feeding area. So choose a time to make the whole effort of yours successful.

#8. Know where to hunt: Before the hunting season, you should fix a place where you will perform all your activities. Deer don’t stay in one place the whole year. Determine where they will live at the hunting season. Besides, they change their location for feeding, drinking, mating, etc. So you have to think about their exact location to get a successful experience while hunting.

There are a number of tips available for deer-hunting. But the tips we mentioned above will easily incorporate if you want to make the hunting session successful. So follow all those tricks to improve your hunting strategy and increase the chance of success. Good Luck!!


Originally posted 2020-08-21 07:53:28.

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