Wild turkey surprise: Locating and calling boss gobblers during the unusual spring of 2018

I have a vast network of hunting buddies and colleagues, and if I had to sum up in one word the reports so far out of this turkey season it would be … strange. Or maybe erratic? Unreliable? Inconsistent? Something along those lines. My own experience in three states thus far has echoed that general…

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Deer feeding bill gets massive makeover, passes Senate

Legislation that was aimed to legalize some forms of supplemental feeding of wild deer in Illinois was passed out of the Senate this week – albeit as a much different version of the original proposal. Senate Bill 2493, which originally stated “a person may supplementally feed deer with items otherwise prohibited by the Wildlife Code when…

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Portable blinds sometimes the best bet for turkey hunting in bad weather

Two young gobblers (jakes) lock beaks.Turkeys seem to have a degree of repugnance for rain, wind, snow and cold only slightly below ours. However, the turkey mating season tends to wash away some of that fear, uncomforting feeling and intolerance of inclement weather much better than hunters. Many turkey hunters have never seen the book,…

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