Victorinox Swiss Army Wine Master: Review

It’s true that we like sleeping on the ground and wearing dirty clothes for a week. However, we like the finer things in life too. We love well-made gear, and we appreciate craftsmanship. Add to that our love for spirits around the campfire, and you’ll understand why we immediately thought the Victorinox Swiss Army Wine Master was a fine piece of work indeed.

The Wine Master is an absolutely gorgeous tool that will elevate your outdoor snacking and drinking experience. It’s crafted from your choice of olive or walnut wood and is perfectly balanced for slicing cheeses and meats. The blade is surprisingly formidable and is scary sharp right out of the package. It features a two-step lever (as all good wine openers do) and has a foil cutter that is ready to tear open any foil or wax it encounters with ease. Lastly, it comes in an elegant leather case that perfectly matches its innate sophistication. Do you need the Victorinox Swiss Army Wine Master if you want to enjoy a bottle of wine in the woods? Of course not. Will your outdoor companions immediately inspect it and covet it for the rest of the day? From our experience, yes. Big time.


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Originally posted 2018-02-09 22:24:20.

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