Dogman? Dire Wolf? What is This Mysterious Creature Shot in Montana?

A strange wolf-like creature was shot near Denton that has authorities searching for answers. A Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks press release tried to shed some light on a “large wolf-like animal” shot on May 16 by a rancher near Denton. The rancher in question shot the animal as it approached his livestock—then reported it…

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Northern Wisconsin County Has First Documented Case of CWD

Outdoor NewsA new CWD discovery in Oneida County has ramifications for hunters and local businesses alike. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reported a wild deer suffering from chronic wasting disease in Oneida County. This is the county’s first documented case of a CWD-positive deer. The discovery took place in the town of Crescent, just…

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Minnesota and South Dakota Working Hard to Understand CWD Impact

Popular hunting states are in overdrive studying the effects of chronic wasting disease. Joining the list of states paying close attention the impact of CWD are South Dakota and Minnesota. Both states had a significant number of disease reports last year. This year, they’re going after the disease in big ways. Photo Credit: South Dakota…

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