The Most Popular Program in the Outdoors is in Danger

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has bought land for national parks and long trails, and doesn’t cost taxpayers a thing. So why does the White House want to cut it? The LWCF helped protect Oregon’s Sandy RiverJonathan Asher didn’t know much about the Land and Water Conservation Fund when he started working for the…

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Five Tribes Are Suing Trump Over Bears Ears. Can They Win?

The Navajo Nation and four other tribes are going to court to restore Bears Ears National Monument’s original boundaries. If they fail, it could change American public lands forever. Grand Gulch is one of the areas eliminated from Bears EarsIf there’s one thing that Ryan Zinke wants you to know about his and President Trump’s…

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What New Offshore Drilling Means for National Parks

The DOI’s plan to open up more of America’s waters for drilling has conservation groups worried, but the government says their concern is misplaced. Gulf Islands National SeashoreSediment from the Appalachian Mountains washing into the Gulf of Mexico for a million years has sprouted a chain of barrier islands off the coast of Florida and…

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