See-Through Walls on Primos SurroundView 270-Degree Blind are Mind-Boggling

The ground blind game is about to change forever. See-through walls? What year is it? Well, the future is here, and Primos is leading the way. Ground hunting blinds can be extremely effective. Whether you’re hunting turkeys or whitetails, a good ground blind can get you into places a tree stand often won’t. Primos first…

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Can You Kill a Big Tom if You Set Your Blind Up the Same Day?

What’s so special about the Rhino-300 blind? I’ve always been a big fan of the “two birds with one stone” motto, so that’s what I plan to do with this article. I’m going to answer both questions, as I attempted to hunt the same day I set up my Rhino-300. Efficiency make everything easier, and that…

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