Longbow vs. Recurve: What’s the Difference?

Traditional archery is simple, nostalgic, challenging and arguably more fun than the sport’s other disciplines. Traditional archers have their own flair with cool leather quivers and beautiful feather-fletched arrows. But it’s the bows that make traditional archery unique. They come in two main varieties, recurves and longbows. What separates recurve bows from longbows? Recurves get…

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Which Archery Target Do I Need?

Archers shoot big targets, little targets, bag targets, block targets, 3-D targets and more! The archery market offers many sizes and styles of targets, so let’s find one that’s right for you. Tina Robb is a competitive recurve archer, USA Archery Level 3 coach, and program manager at Archery Headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. Robb uses…

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Big Agnes Debuts New Tiger Wall Tent & Sleeping Gear

Lighter, comfier, better. It’s the gear we want this season Big Agnes is a company obsessed with getting you outdoors in comfort. The newest set of Big Agnes backpacking gear for spring—the Insulated AXL Air sleeping pad, Upper Slide and Katherine SL 20 sleeping bags and the Tiger Wall UL2 tent—definitely delivers on that mission.…

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