Wild Skills | Shoulder Stability/ Mobility Part 3

BUILDING THE PERFECT SHOULDER FOR THE WILDERNESS ATHLETE PART 3 We have come to our last video of the shoulder mobility series. Today, we are looking at a real life application which every outdoorsman/woman performs at some time that we all for granted until we have a shoulder issue of some kind. We are talking…

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Wild Skills | Crossfit for the Wilderness Athlete?

Crossfit For The Wilderness Athlete The word CrossFit is usually accompanied by the image of a masculine-looking man or woman throwing 100’s of lbs over their head, flailing around performing weird looking pull-ups, burpees, and don’t get me started on this thing they call a row machine. Yes, I WAS Anti-CrossFit before, and today I still…

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Wild Skills | No Weights Needed, Leg Day

NO WEIGHTS NEEDED FOR THIS LEG DAY! When most people hear “leg day”, they immediately think of heavy squats, plates piled on plates, and a bunch of leg curl machines in an AC-cooled weight room. Of course, heavy weight and isolation machines are beneficial in developing strength and power, but that doesn’t mean you have to…

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