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From the time of the Second Amendment guns and firearms have been around and allowed to be purchased. This means that people need to have proper training and practice with shooting the weapon they own. Dry firing and virtual shooting ranges have made training more accessible for owners.

Dry firing with a virtual shooting range has many benefits that allow you to prepare for a real-world situation. One benefit to dry firing is the actual muscle memory that is created with this type of training. Being able to become familiar with the positioning of the weapon, so that one is training their body to react if it did happen in a real-life situation. This is important because, in a real-life situation, you would not want to stop and have to think about the positioning of the weapon; it would just be muscle memory created by repetition. Another benefit to dry training is the confidence that can be gained from dry shooting and being able to feel as if you would be able to hit a target because of the dry fire shooting practice. Confidence is extremely important while shooting a gun and you can only gain confidence by practice and repetition. In addition, dry firing with a laser target shooting system can improve hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill that can be practiced with laser targets while shooting in a shooting simulator. This gives you the ability to be able to practice hitting a moving target and not a sedentary one. All of these are extremely important and great benefits to gain from dry firing and virtual shooting ranges.

However, I do believe that there does need to be a combination of dry firing with actual firing practice. There is no comparison to shooting a real loaded firearm and nothing that can be done to recreate the actuality of shooting a gun. A benefit of shooting a loaded firearm is that you become familiar with how loud it is to shoot a gun. The sound is something that cannot be replicated by any type of simulation. The sound of the gun is something that can surprise people and is something that needs to be taken into account when shooting a gun. The recoil of the gun is also something that cannot be recreated with the dry firing of virtual shooting simulations. The recoil of the gun is something that people need to be aware of and if they have only dry fired it would surprise them to know how much the recoil can play a difference in the way it reacts as opposed to dry firing. When shooting a loaded gun the gunpowder is what causes the recoil because you are essentially lighting an explosive inside of the gun. This is something that cannot be done with dry firing and needs to be practiced before because of the real situations that can take place.

Overall, dry firing is great training and a resource that can prepare you for actually firing a weapon when paired with actually loaded firearm experience. Dry firing can be something great to start with or to learn the basics, but over time there needs to be some practice with a loaded firearm to know what would and can happen.

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