It Is Time To Upgrade

By: Jeremy Koerber, ACSM Exercise Physiologist:  If you are like me you will flat wear out your hunting gear and I am not ashamed to admit I still have camo pullovers that still get the job done that I have been wearing since I was 16 years of age. I’m still killing turkeys and ducks with the Remington 870 Wingmaster I received as a birthday present when I was 12 years old and my Muck boots have more rubber cement patches than I can count.

Yes, I will use gear until it literally falls off but doesn’t it feel good to upgrade once in a while? If you say no I will accuse you of lying.

Just this year I watched Fit To Hunt head trainer Nick Lape get all jazzed up opening the box to a new Matthews compound bow and I myself was strutting like I was 5 foot 9 when I was able to upgrade my duck hunting camo.

Upgrades make us feel good.

Which brings me back to my original topic and that is you. How do you feel right now? Are you in good health, do you possess the fitness or performance level that allows you to excel in the field, at work or on the farm? Has the doctor hinted at your need to lose weight? Are you already dealing with disease states like diabetes, cancer, heart disease or other ailments that could rob you of time away from the passions you love?

New Year’s is the time most people get the fire to make a change. Problem is those changes don’t last very long. As a personal trainer and fitness coach for 21 years, I know full well the problems, challenges and barriers that exist preventing you from improving your health. I see the periods of motivation or lack thereof that derail your fitness routines. I can empathize with feelings of being overwhelmed when it comes to learning how to eat healthier.

This is where we step in. Aside from helping build a community of healthy outdoor-loving men, women and children, we also offer services such as:

 6- and 12-week hunt-specific workouts
 Online coaching and personal training
 One-on- one and semi-private personal training (St. Louis only…for now)

We continue to build partnerships with amazing companies such as Wilderness Athlete.
Our method of operation is not to change everything about you like every other diet, weight loss book or system purchased on late night television.

Our method consists of helping you make targeted, strategic upgrades to how and when you move, how and what you eat, how to balance work/life/stress/family, etc. and ultimately will teach you how to get and stay Fit To Hunt.

Michael Wardlaw of
​TPA Land Sales has worked with Fit To Hunt for over two years and understands the process of upgrading.

“I have always felt in dealing with clients, regardless of industry,
you have to meet the clients where they are in life.

Take their situation and show a way of improving. 
That’s exactly what Jeremy and the Fit to Hunt team did for me.

They took the time to hear what I needed, not just what I was saying.

They read between the lines and built a process that has helped me drop 30 lbs of fat and gain muscle.  I’m now healthier than I have ever been and it is all thanks to the plan laid out by the Fit To Hunt team.”

-Michael Wardlaw

You see, like us, you don’t have to upgrade everything there is about who you are and what you do. Just like you probably aren’t going to upgrade your entire arsenal of camouflage, compound bows, shotguns, and rifles all at one time. Why? Because unless you are independently wealthy, you couldn’t afford purchasing all new equipment every year. You can, however, buy some new broad heads here and a new turkey vest there and not break the bank.

Friends, changing health and fitness are a lot like the aforementioned process. When you try to change it all at once, it rarely takes root. This is why taking an upgrade mentality will increase the likelihood your changes will stick.

You might also consider working with one of our Fit To Hunt professionals. Throughout January you can purchase online personal training and fitness coaching for only $99.99 (Normally $149.99)! Through online training you will receive:

 Goal setting and nutritional analysis
 Four-week personalized exercise plan
 Unlimited text/email support
 Weekly accountability call
 Daily motivation

If working with our degreed, certified and experienced coaches isn’t in the cards, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for free content, tips and motivation.

Thanks for being part of our Tribe.
We cannot wait to see all you accomplish!

Stay Fit To Hunt my friends,

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