How to Prevent Condensation in a Tent

A light pitter patter for your rainfly most incessantly is a soothing natural sound when you’re lying down at night on your tent. If those drips open originating interior your tent, despite the proven truth that, it turns into a extremely sinful resting place. And, under the upright cases, the culprit—condensation—can infiltrate even doubtlessly the most smartly-engineered safe haven.

So, how construct you quit condensation? The answer boils correct down to three concepts:

  1. Procure an optimum place to pitch your tent (answer: under trees)
  2. Scale again the sources of further moisture interior your tent
  3. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

When warmth air contacts a chilly surface, condensation can occur. You explore this attain in a mug of chilly beer on a sizzling day. The identical thing can occur in a tent: Warm air interior moves out to the rainfly, which is cooler for the reason that exterior air is cooler. The consequence is condensation on the underside of your rainfly. That water could fair then saturate your tent cloth or drip thru a mesh window.

Design No. 1: Pitch on dry ground, preferably under trees.

Bushes are your finest friend because air under trees tends to be hotter (in ought to explain, a huge beginning field), so your rainfly will seemingly be hotter, too. To boot, condensation happens on high of their foliage, as an different of for your tent.

Design No. 2: Scale again the further moisture sources interior your tent.

Moisture in a tent comes from three locations:

  1. The original moisture stage in the air itself (humidity)
  2. Moisture added to your internal airspace by every breath you seize at night
  3. Moisture added by any wet objects you presumably can need interior your tent

If you’ve picked a place to pitch your tent, the humidity stage of the air is decided. And, despite the proven truth that you just’ll breathe out moisture throughout the night, not breathing isn’t an option. Nonetheless you will fetch a watch on whether or not you stash or hang wet garments interior a tent. If condensation fetch a watch on is the scheme, then dry things out throughout the day (and never let a soggy home dog sleep interior your tent).

Design No. 3: Ventilate early, on the entire and completely.

Air within the tent is sort of regularly more humid than the surrounding air, so you could substitute the interior air with the drier exterior air. Ventilation concepts encompass the following:

  1. If there’s a steady shuffle, pitch the tent so the door is dealing with into it.
  2. Stake the tent out tautly and stress the waft in uncover to maximize the airspace between it and the wall of the tent.
  3. Start all rainfly doors and rollup sections; handiest deploy them if rain starts to fall.
  4. Start up all rainfly vents, in particular opposing ones for unsuitable ventilation.
  5. Start up all internal tent windows.

It’s rare for your rainfly to be dry reach morning, nonetheless when you occur to put collectively these concepts, most of the moisture could fair aloof quit on the outside—the place it belongs.


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