Excalibur 2018 Assassin

Excalibur Crossbow cranks up the silent extinction of the compound crossbow. Announcing the new bomb-proof, big-game annihilator. The never out-of-tune, always accurate whitetail reaper. Exit timing and tuning issues, and enter the reign of absolute reliability, in a platform that’s fast, safe and easy to cock and de-cock. Combined with hair-splitting accuracy from a new friction- less two-stage match-grade trigger. Equipped with the new Charger Cranking System™, the industry’s safest and first dead-silent internal crank aid.

“We’ve listened to hunters and set out to make the world’s easiest, safest, most rugged and reliable crossbow for anyone to use,” said Rob Dykeman, president of Excalibur Crossbow. “The assassin gives them all that and more! The Assassin comes loaded with every feature you could want and the new Charger cranking system takes away the difficulty of cocking the recurve limbs. Now customers can get a high-performance crossbow that combines the advantages of a compound with the rugged reliability of our recurve limbs.”

The Assassin is the ultimate combination of stealth, strength and performance. Generating up to 360 FPS from the world’s quietest crossbow is now virtually effortless. Designed around the industry leading Micro platform, the Assassin is destined to dominate in tight quarters and in the stand. A crossbow has to perform every time. Two limbs and a string simplicity create the reliability that no compound crossbow can deliver. Why trust complicated?


CHARGER CRANKING SYSTEM™ – The revolutionary, dead silent internal crossbow cranking system eliminates the need to load your crossbow before entering the field in fear of spooking game.

TRU-FIT STOCK™ – Designed with a unique tool-less adjustment feature, the stock can instantly adjust from 12- to 15-inch length of pull while the cheekpiece also adjusts 2 inches horizontally, providing year round enhanced comfort, stability and accuracy for any shooter.

PRO-SHOT TRIGGER™ – A frictionless two-stage match grade trigger that breaks cleanly and precisely every time without creep, producing repeated rifle-like accuracy at any distance.

SLIDING CATCH – The full draw latch safely locks  the sliding carriage at full draw, eliminating load on the cranking system. In addition, the precision alignment of the FDL and Sliding Catch ensures consistent anchoring for repeated shot-to-shot accuracy.

QUICK TAKEDOWN – The unique front end assembly features the ability to be easily disassembled with a single bolt, and reassembled while consistently maintaining the same point of impact. It’s the only takedown crossbow that comes with its own custom compact hard case.

The Assassin comes decorated in RealTree Edge Camo.

Package includes:

  • Tact Zone Scope with 30mm Rings
  • Sound Deadening System
  • E.D.S. Suppressors
  • Airbrakes
  • Four Arrow Quiver

For more information, visit their website.

Excalibur Crossbow manufactures and distributes the most reliable and accurate hunting recurve crossbows and archery accessories. Founded in 1983, Excalibur Crossbow offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Excalibur is a member of the Bowtech family of brands along with Bowtech, Diamond, Octane, and Stryker.

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