Wild Skills | Shoulder Stability/ Mobility Part 3

BUILDING THE PERFECT SHOULDER FOR THE WILDERNESS ATHLETE PART 3 We have come to our last video of the shoulder mobility series. Today, we are looking at a real life application which every outdoorsman/woman performs at some time that we all for granted until we have a shoulder issue of some kind. We are talking…

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Wild Skills | Crossfit for the Wilderness Athlete?

Crossfit For The Wilderness Athlete The word CrossFit is usually accompanied by the image of a masculine-looking man or woman throwing 100’s of lbs over their head, flailing around performing weird looking pull-ups, burpees, and don’t get me started on this thing they call a row machine. Yes, I WAS Anti-CrossFit before, and today I still…

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Wild Skills | No Gym Membership? No Excuses!

NO GYM MEMBERSHIP? NO EXCUSES! We know that many of you have weight rooms and monthly gym memberships and you go there routinely because they have the “necessary” equipment to enable you to perform your workouts properly. I have a gym membership myself that allows me to use the bars, machines, and dumbbells to increase…

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