Building Community Through Group Hiking

Jenny Bruso, founder of an online community of self-proclaimed unlikely hikers, shares what she’s learned from hiking with others and offers advice for organizing your own group hike. Exploring the outdoors with a group, witnessing their reactions to the same things you’re seeing and engaging in teamwork paints a broader picture of what nature has…

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U.S. Government: The Outdoor Industry Contributed Almost $374 Billion to the Economy

Made up 2% of GDP, more than mining, oil, and gas The outdoor industry contributed $373.7 billion to the United States economy in 2016, according to a new preliminary report from the Department of Commerce The statistics, gathered by the department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, found that the gross output of the outdoor industry made…

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Can the Organ Mountains Survive the White House’s Monument Review?

Vets, local leaders fighting for Southern New Mexico reserve. Garrett Reppenhagen had just two hours to help save Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. It was late July, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was visiting the site in New Mexico as part of his review of National Monuments, and Reppenhagen, Rocky Mountain director of the nonprofit Vet…

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