8 World Class Bucks You May Have Never Heard of Before

Facebook/FacebookThese monster bucks are lesser known in the record books. Milo Hanson, James Jordan, Mel Johnson, Tony Lovstuen. Say any of these names to a big buck enthusiast, and they’ll likely know exactly who you’re talking about and the deer these hunters shot. Many hunters who kill a world class buck end up being household…

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Montana officials seek information on dead grizzly; hikers shoot Wyoming bear in self defense

With grizzly bear protections and hunting in the news of late in grizzly country in the Lower 48, two recent bear deaths are making headlines in Montana and Wyoming. In Montana, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Department are seeking information on the shooting death of a sub-adult male…

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Pope and Young Confirms New Non-Typical Coues’ Deer World Record

Pope and YoungThis buck ties the world record. A massive buck taken last fall has just been officially announced as scoring large enough to tie the world record for a non-typical Coues’ deer. Wesley Ely’s 139-2/8-inch monster came from Arizona last August. He’d watched this particular buck for four years. “I continued to scout and…

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