Dogman? Dire Wolf? What is This Mysterious Creature Shot in Montana?

A strange wolf-like creature was shot near Denton that has authorities searching for answers. A Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks press release tried to shed some light on a “large wolf-like animal” shot on May 16 by a rancher near Denton. The rancher in question shot the animal as it approached his livestock—then reported it…

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4 Bear Shot Placement Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring

Clay Newcomb knows a thing or two about bear anatomy, so make sure you pay attention to his tips on bear shot placement. A bear has a slightly different internal anatomy than a deer, which can complicate things for people not used to hunting them. Fortunately, Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb made this great video featuring…

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Soil Samples: The First and Most Important Step in Building a Food Plot

Step one to any successful food plot is the obtaining a soil sample, it’s the most crucial part to the success of the entire operation. Have you ever wondered how much a food plot costs? Like, truly every dollar spent from the first step to the last? The guys from Top Pin Outdoors are taking…

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