How To Keep Hunting Dogs From Overheating In Hot Weather

Keeping hunting dog from overheatedTraining a hunting dog is no easy task. After all of the time and effort that you put into the process, it is important to ensure that they stay safe and healthy even when temperatures rise.

Even though most hunting occurs in the fall, it is important to keep your dog in good shape during the summer. That way, they will be ready to go when hunting season finally rolls around again. The tips below will help keep your hunting dog from overheating this summer no matter how hot it gets outside.

Hot Weather Safety Tips For Hunting Dogs

1. Take your dog to the vet

Before the summer heat strikes, have your dog pay a visit to the vet for a complete checkup. While you are there, talk to the vet about the specific steps that you should take to protect your dog during hot weather.

2. Create a customized exercise routine specifically for the summer months

Keeping your dog in good condition during the summer requires a multipronged approach that includes exercise, a nutritious diet, and work in the field. Every component of the conditioning routine needs to be suitable for what the weather is like outside. Avoid extremely intense exercise sessions during hot weather. Otherwise, your dog could easily succumb to conditions like heatstroke or dehydration. Listen to your intuition and avoid making your dog work harder than they should when it is hot out.

Have a generous supply of fresh water on hand for both you and your dog. To get the most out of each session, stop regularly for breaks. A pet cooling pad for them to lie on like these from Dog Product Picker may also be a good addition.

In terms of your dog’s diet, always ensure that it is suitable for their level of activity. Dogs that regularly exercise or that are experiencing significant growth usually require more food than dogs that are older or more sedentary. Dogs that are pregnant also require more food since they are supporting additional lives. During the summer, if your dog’s activity level drops because of the heat, you should decrease the amount of food that you give him, as well. Otherwise, he could easily become overweight.

Timing is also important when it comes to feeding your dog during the summer. Avoid feeding them during periods of exercise since the digestive process creates heat. Instead, wait until your dog is done exercising and has had a chance to drink before you give them a little bit of food.

3. Don’t allow your pet to get burned

If your dog has long hair, you may want to trim it during the summer months to help them stay cooler. If you go this route, make sure that you leave it at least an inch long. This will help protect their skin from the sun. When it is hot out, avoid walking your dog on the pavement. Otherwise, his footpads can wind up getting burned. Always try to walk on the grass instead.

4. Know what symptoms to watch for

High temperatures and excess humidity can easily lead to heat stroke. It is important to know what symptoms to watch for so that you can take quick action. Signs that your dog may be overheating include the following:

– Panting heavily

– thick saliva caused by dehydration

– Significant drooling

– Throwing up

– A decrease in urine production or no urine production at all

– Diarrhea

– Lethargy

5. Always watch your dog when they are swimming

According to the ASPCA, people who own dogs should keep a close eye out for signs like drooling, shaking, fever, a fast heartbeat, intense panting, vomiting, or diarrhea with blood in it.

When your dog is in the water, keep a close eye on them. In chlorinated swimming pools, it is important to prevent your dog from consuming any of the water. You should also thoroughly rinse them off when they get out of the pool.

6. Never leave your dog in a vehicle unattended

Anytime you get out of your vehicle on a warm day, take your dog with you. Vehicle interiors can get extremely hot in practically no time at all. Dogs that are left in vehicles during the summer often succumb to death because of overheating. This can occur within just a few short minutes.


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