How to Have the Best Backcountry Dinner Without Hiking in Food

Get in touch with your inner hunter-gatherer and have the best backcountry dinner that’s entirely from nature. It’s the ultimate survival test. Fish can be a decadent treat in the backcountry—if you can catch one. Photo by Ano Lobb/ FlickrPrep Work Planning isn’t always fun, but if you are foraging edible plants it’s a necessity.…

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How to Create a Weekend Backpack Menu for Less Than $25

Kiss your days of tuna-mac goodbye Once you have the gear, backpacking isn’t expensive. A night under the stars is free, and feels freeing. That’s just one of a million reasons why I love it. But, take one frenzied lap through your local grocery store to stock up for your weekend overnighter, and you’ll quickly…

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