Excalibur 2018 Assassin

Excalibur Crossbow cranks up the silent extinction of the compound crossbow. Announcing the new bomb-proof, big-game annihilator. The never out-of-tune, always accurate whitetail reaper. Exit timing and tuning issues, and enter the reign of absolute reliability, in a platform that’s fast, safe and easy to cock and de-cock. Combined with hair-splitting accuracy from a new…

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Introducing Rackology Premium Deer Attractants and Nutritional Products

Rackology is a scientifically formulated, all-in-one deer supplement/attractant created by biologist Jason Obermiller and agronomist Eric Fitzgerald. Rackology produces the highest quality, premium deer nutritional products on the market. These products are scientifically researched and formulated by Obermiller and Fitzgerald whose combined knowledge of deer, wildlife, and science were the perfect storm for innovation on…

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The Latest Trends in Outdoor Clothing and Footwear

As hunting equipment continues to push the limits of mechanical engineering and physics, so too do the other components critical to a successful hunt. You can see change and progress across the board, from bows and arrows to releases, targets, sights, calls and more. Clothing and footwear have been no different. With a more scientific…

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