Victorinox INOX Watch Review: Daily Wear, Adventure Tested

The Victorinox I.N.O.X. is a not easy think that can dress up for any occasion. We thrashed it (and iced up it) to search how it handles the pains of dawdle for this overview.

Victorinox INOX Gaze Review
The Victorinox I.N.O.X; photos by Josh Wussow

What does the moderate person gape in a think? In most cases, they’re after a valid timepiece in a position to withstanding the pains of on a standard basis lifestyles (and the occasional dawdle) while declaring a sense of vogue.

But I’m a loopy person with as a minimum six watches in my sequence at any given time. If I had to preserve mighty one for work and desolate tract alike, which would I gain?

Victorinox INOX Gaze Review

That demand led me to the Victorinox I.N.O.X. ($495 retail, $240 at Amazon), a storied timepiece known for its unbreakable toddle-anywhere salvage. I spent a total week with this think, forsaking all others, in a learn about for the horological “happily ever after.”

In brief: The I.N.O.X. by Victorinox carries a hefty decal imprint, though which that you would be in a position to furthermore receive it less costly online for folk who look. Its durability, readability from any attitude, scratch resistance, and natty styling mostly outweigh minor imperfections intimately and no more-than-stellar dead night luminosity.

Victorinox I.N.O.X. at a Peruse

Right here’s what my $240 netted on Amazon: 4.7 oz of “excessive-grade stainless steel,” measuring forty three millimeters in diameter and 14 millimeters in thickness. Water resistance clocks in at 200 meters thanks to its prominent screw-down crown. The case and movement are also rated to stand as a lot as 10 meters of fall distance and eight a total bunch rigidity, per the company’s attempting out.

Victorinox INOX Gaze Review

The center piece of this salvage is its crystal, made of “scratch-resistant, triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire.” Love the advert says, this fabric is necessary for its resilience and readability.

And desire a seek for on the I.N.O.X’s dial.

The indices are splendidly applied, with the matching hour and minute fingers well offset by the intellectual-red 2nd hand. Add in the well polished bezel and supple rubber strap, and besides you’re left with an extraordinarily gorgeous package.

First Impressions: I.N.O.X Gaze

What’s the predominant ingredient you attain with a unique think? Whereas you happen to answered “freeze it in a block of ice,” then we’re on the identical page.

Victorinox INOX Gaze Review

Victorinox’s possess literature states that they’ve examined this salvage below not probably conditions, including 2 hours in a washing machine, prolonged publicity to flame, and operating it over with a sixty four-ton tank. Since I didn’t absorb a Sherman parked out again, I figured this became the following easiest likelihood.

Based mostly utterly utterly on the maker, the I.N.O.X’s working differ lies between -fifty seven and seventy one degrees Celsius. Appears to be like Victorinox has its money where its mouth is. After an afternoon internal an ice brick, my I.N.O.X confirmed no unwell outcomes. It did lose a pair of half 2nd towards atomic time, however that’s a known amount with quartz in the wintry.

Review: Victorinox I.N.O.X Gaze

Satirically, it became after this preliminary check that my reception turned cool.

There are sure issues I demand of a think that prices over $one hundred. Valuable amongst these nitpicks is the 2nd hand: I desire it to completely hit every of the runt indices because it travels across the dial. Successfully, the I.N.O.X doesn’t. It’s shut, however it absolutely misses mighty satisfactory to trigger me some angst.

The movement itself also has a puny mumble step, which is one thing I’d demand on a $forty Timex, however absolutely not on a fragment that retails for nearly $500. (Yet every other time, this can even be had for half that on Amazon or JomaShop.)

Then there’s the lume. Take a seek for on the shot beneath, exhibiting four other watches for comparison. Comprise in ideas that basically the most expensive one is $one hundred lower than the I.N.O.X. Our excessive-pause friend is that comparatively sad man in the heart.

Victorinox INOX Gaze lume

So, not huge. It’ll support thru a blackout night in the desolate tract, however I had danger reading it around my darkened condo at three:00 a.m.

I.N.O.X: The Swiss Ride

As mentioned above, I wore this think for nearly a total week. I slept, showered, went to the gymnasium, and hit the path with the I.N.O.X on my wrist. And, because the days racked up, its fantastic aspects began to overhaul my nitpicks.

Victorinox INOX Gaze edc

First, the band. Its soft, resilient rubber makes this basically the most delighted think strap I’ve ever passe, perfect for all method of conditions.

Then there’s the accuracy. After its day out to the freezer, I reset the think by the atomic clock. Over its week on my wrist, it won mighty a half-2nd’s price of time.

Victorinox INOX Gaze Review

The crystal might be phenomenal. Whereas I did preserve up about a personality scratches on the steel, the sapphire stays blemish free. It’s also incredibly readable, permitting you to establish the time from almost any attitude. This, mixed with its reassuring weight on my wrist, inspired a rising sense of self belief because the week improved.

Final Evaluation: Victorinox I.N.O.X Gaze

Within the pause, this overview has been one thing of a dawdle. Could presumably I be elated with the I.N.O.X as my one and handiest think? Yes, however that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. An increasing number of, I basically feel that slapping “Swiss Made” on one thing is a staunch approach to lift payment with out necessarily bettering on fantastic.

My overall trip has confirmed to be a staunch one, however the 2nd hand’s mumble and middling lume restful rankle quite. When compared with the more inexpensive, describe voltaic-charged Citizen ProMaster, it feels quite underdone.

Victorinox INOX Gaze Review

Yet, I’ve succumbed to a sure INOXication, for folk who will. I began the week looking forward to selling the think once the check became total. Now, I suspect it could per chance stick around.

Whereas you happen to’re in the marketplace for an ultra-not easy, easy-reading timepiece with appears to be like to match its muscle, check up on the line from Victorinox. Particularly for folk who’ll be in a local to receive one below decal imprint.

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