Hiker’s Dream Knife: Benchmade Bugout Review

The Benchmade Bugout is a significant, versatile folding knife that weighs decrease than 2 oz.. We put this ultralight folding knife to the check for this assessment.

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate
The Benchmade Bugout; all photos by Josh Wussow

Few knives in fresh memory bear made as astronomical of a splash because the Benchmade Bugout ($a hundred thirty five on Amazon, $a hundred and twenty at REI). When it came to market in gradual 2017, its arrival sent shockwaves all around the equipment community – reasonably impressive, given its billing as an ultralight likelihood for ounce-counters.

Benchmade’s web page hails it because the staunch blade for “the widespread outside adventurer, incorporating the lightest, finest performing materials in an especially slim yet ergonomic package.”

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate

In each the selling and marketing and the literal sense, it looks cherish folks are procuring for what Benchmade is selling. The Bugout has been flying off shelves since its initial originate, making it a limited advanced to secure. Benchmade became kind ample to ship one my blueprint for assessment, giving me the likelihood to witness what the final buzz is ready.

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate

Right here’s what you’re procuring for with the Bugout: three.24 inches of drop-level, flat ground CPM-S30V steel. Total opened length stretches to 7.46 inches, with a width across the blade of appropriate 0.09 inches. This makes for an incredibly nick-marvelous make, with its skinny stock gliding thru paper and packaging.

Aft of the blade is Benchmade’s iconic AXIS Lock. This whisper implementation aspects limited steel insets on both aspect. While this yields a giant reduction in weight, it does enable the grip dwelling to flex a limited bit under heavy pressure. This isn’t an astronomical effort for me given the knife’s certain medium-duty mandate.

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate

The leisure of its Four.22-trudge address consists of a material identified as Grivory. For those of you now no longer accustomed to this little bit of branding, it feels cherish excessive-high-quality molded plastic (on account of that’s what it’s miles). It’s one amongst the nicer light-weight materials I’ve encountered, equally stunning to the interrogate and hand.

Benchmade Bugout: Ultralight Knife

I’ve saved the largest stat for final. Despite its three-plus-trudge blade and solid lock, the Bugout weighs an incredible 1.eighty five oz.. That’s lighter than the Benchmade Factual I reviewed a whereas encourage. Fairly cool, edifying?

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate

This light-weight nature makes the Bugout astonishingly easy to support. Its reversible, deep carry pocket clip further boosts this part whereas making it a in fact ideal likelihood for left-handed customers.

The light weight and utilitarian make indicate this knife can form reasonably grand the leisure reasonably well. For hikers in whisper, right here’s a dream blade as this will support an edge and form most any camp chore whereas including almost no weight to a pack.

Axis Lock, Disassembly

Let’s in instant touch on disassembly. As with any AXIS Locks, the technique will seemingly be somewhat fiddley. These omega-shaped springs deserve to be completely positioned, and placing it encourage collectively requires a limited little bit of endurance.

Benchmade Bugout disassembled

It’s honestly now no longer one thing I’d counsel, especially on a knife with this kind of easy-assemble entry to, stream-thru construction. It’d be blueprint more nice to rinse it off, blast compressed air thru to dry the mechanism, and drop some oil onto the washers on both aspect of the blade.

Medium-Duty Mastery

Benchmade bugout assessmentWhen the utilization of a arrangement cherish the Bugout, it’s crucial to ponder its intended role. Despite its crap-hits-the-fan moniker, right here is now no longer a survival knife. You obtained’t be constructing shelters or felling bushes with under 2 oz. of steel. But as soon as you put apart these forms of expectations, the Bugout in actuality begins to shine.

Let’s talk goal target audience. We’ve already said this isn’t the knife you’d desire for the quit of civilization. So, who in the market would assemble pleasure from a marvelous, ultralight arrangement?

Straightforward: day hikers, backpackers, and somebody having a seek for unencumbered ability. With its effortless deep carry and lowering credentials, right here is the staunch knife to throw to your pocket earlier than hitting the creep. It’ll chop cord, food, and different pure fabric with ease. It’ll chop too, but I’d steer certain of surroundings it against the leisure bigger than a finger-width twig.

The Gripe on Grivory

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate

No doubt one of essentially the most frequent complaints I’ve heard about the Bugout goes a limited one thing cherish this: “Why are they charging so grand money for a knife with an intentionally light-weight make? Shouldn’t we be paying much less because it has much less steel in its construction?” I designate the put a question to, and, in reasonably a couple of suggestions, I agree.

But, given the make, blade steel, and general construction of the Bugout, I’m now no longer so obvious that $a hundred thirty five is out of the ballpark. Would I be happier paying $100 for this knife? Definite, but I don’t ponder its most up-to-date retail is outside the realm of cause.

Benchmade Bugout: Final Thoughts

Benchmade Bugout Evaluate

I ponder segment of the Bugout’s fight with cost has to form with its idea as an outdoor-absolute best folder. That’s surely how I envisioned it earlier than getting my arms on the assessment sample. But, to my surprise, this became out to be one amongst my current day-to-day companions. From its ideal action to its effortless carry and lowering ability, it’s been keen to kick the Bugout out of my pocket. There’s blueprint more to this blade than its weekend warrior marketing and marketing or determined-duty naming would lead you to ponder.

Elevate Now ($a hundred and twenty) at REI

I’m now no longer asserting right here is absolutely the best knife you’ll ever need for your outside activities. For all its prowess as a hiking buddy, it obtained’t be grand reduction when it comes time to separate wood or strike fireplace. But whether or now no longer you’re having a seek for a knife that can support tempo with you on the creep or appropriate act as a solid opinion B – it’s keen to beat the Bugout.

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