Foldable, Non-Stink Yoga Mat – An Outdoorsman’s Review

I’m new to yoga; I began as a skill to bag some vary-of-motion after breaking my help in a climbing accident.

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I in fact safe three mats now, alongside with a low-tag one from Walmart and one instructed by a girl whose life is a branded advert for Lululemon.

The YoGo Well-liked Ultralight Mat is my latest possibility, and it’s estimable of a overview (the different mats safe now been relegated to snoozing pad reputation in the pile of gear I mortgage out to Scouts after they aren’t willing).

Elephantine mats may perhaps presumably well also additionally be stressful. Name me shallow or in spite of, but I’m a man’s man and don’t must boom that I’m headed to a yoga class with my wide rolled-up pad any bigger than you ought to search me in yoga pants.

Yoga Stink?

I additionally despise that atypical, yoga-mat scent —you know the one— someplace between a “Contemporary Automobile” scented air freshener and OvaEasy Egg Crystals.

Lastly, I hated that in spite of used to be on the yoga studio ground stuck to the backside of my mat and transferred to the head when I rolled it up.

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The author: Now not your conventional yogi

After I wandered into the spandex and chanting portion of the Exterior Retailer commerce display conceal in Utah last January, I completed up with an answer for a better mat, for me, no longer much less than.

The YoGo is miniature and suits into any health membership earn or backpack, so my new yoga dependancy stays between me and the twenty or so other folks in my class.

Contemporary Kind Of Mat

The YoGo is fabricated from cotton canvas infused with pure tree rubber so that unsuitable, chemical-foam scent doesn’t exist. For what it’s worth, that makes it better for the atmosphere as effectively.

There’s no longer no doubt any scent that I’ve noticed, and I worship that—other than for the one time I acquired conned into attending a hot yoga class; chemical smells are skill better than BO for my portion.

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The coolest portion, even though, is that as an different of rolling, this mat folds up. That methodology the backside of the mat never touches the head, keeping in spite of is probably going to be on the bottom or ground the set you’re practicing out of your face at some level of downward going by method of canines.

It has a pair sturdy, nylon straps with beefy, plastic buckles to protect the folded bundle collectively, and that’s your full ingredient.

The YoGo isn’t any longer as padded as other mats but, even with my help hurt, it’s sufficient. At $sixty 9, it’s a case of “you pick up what you pay for,” and this one is a ways worth it in my book.

Purchase it? In account for for you a portable, foldable, non-pungent yoga solution, test out the YoGo Well-liked Mat.

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