Better Together: ENO Fuse Tandem Hammock System Review

Hang two hammocks aspect by aspect from stunning two trees. ENO makes hammocking even better with its gentle-weight and fairly priced Fuse Tandem Hammock System.

On a latest hover fishing scuttle back and forth in southeastern Minnesota, my wife and I settled on a campsite that had easiest two trees. In total we would want to resolve between sleeping in a tent (no longer soft at ease), stacking our hammocks (complicated to enter and exit), or placing them subsequent to every other (bumping hammocks all night time).

As luck would prefer it, we got a prototype of ENO’s Fuse two-hammock spreader to study. With it, we had been in a situation to sleep aspect by aspect, chuffed and chuffed.

Briefly: I used to be very inflamed to study ENO mass-salvage a spreader bar and loads extra inflamed to study the pricetag: $30. To me, it’s a no brainer for somebody who likes to hold. We gave it a Finest In Point to award on the Out of doorways Retailer Point to closing summer season. The Fuse can be accessible to the loads in January of 2018.

ENO Fuse Tandem Hammock System Evaluation

The Fuse is made up of two aluminum poles. They’re in actuality tent poles which like clips on each and each ends that join to the cords on the pinnacle and foot of every and each your and a buddy’s hammock.

What I Cherished

Social placing: It’s fantastic to hold shut to your mates, and the Fuse ensures it. Gone are the days of scouring the park or forest for the reliable triangle of trees.

Light, saves weight: The pair of poles weighs stunning 9.eight oz.. Whenever you happen to want to switch ultralight, you are going to bring a single pole and employ that on the pinnacle terminate of your hammocks. There’s ample room so your shoulders gained’t brush. And since your feet are much less huge than your torso, moreover they gained’t touch both.

Dimension of single Fuse pole when as in contrast with ENO’s TechNest hammock

Plus, placing aspect by aspect, you easiest must bring one tarp, station of stakes, and cords, additional saving weight.

ENO Fuse Hammock Spreader Bar ClipStraightforward form: The setup and teardown are hasty and easy. They get rid of about 20 seconds every and are not doubtless to debris up. Love tent poles, they collapse. Each pole breaks into three 12-stride sections, making it easy to stash in a pack.

Versatile: It works with a differ of hammock forms and manufacturers. And the Fuse is neatly fantastic with malicious program nets and whoopie slings.

For easiest outcomes, the hammocks must quiet be identical in length. Most hammocks are 9–10 feet prolonged. I tested it with ENO’s Sub7 (eight feet, 9 inches) and Appalachian Hammock’s Highland (10 feet), and the difference wasn’t an argument.

Footrest: This used to be an unexpected bonus. Whenever you happen to’re sitting to your hammock as a exchange of mendacity down, your buddy’s hammock acts as a footrest and vice versa. It’s incredibly chuffed.

Designate: Just appropriate $30! I can be taught about this being wildly in vogue at this price. Having each and each poles is candy, however if you’re on a finances, one would work. You would possibly well purchase a station and gash up it and the price with a friend.

Factors with Spreader Bars:

Teeter-totter form: Spreader bars effectively flip your hammocks right into a teeter-totter. Whenever you happen to salvage up in the night time, it’s essential undergo in tips to function it slowly or your buddy will hasty fall in direction of the earth – no longer an attractive manner to salvage up.

Bouncy: There could be a microscopic bit sway and jump if the opposite person moves. It’s no longer a ton and is certainly no longer ample to wake somebody up. I derive that most hammock sleepers terminate fairly quiet at night time becuase they’re in actuality in a cocoon, and there isn’t wherever to switch.

ENO Fuse Hammock Spreader Bar Clip

Weight difference: As anticipated, folks of fairly about a weights hold at fairly about a heights when using the Fuse. You would possibly well be in a situation to counter this to an extent by adjusting the suspension on the hammock, making one hammock tighter and one looser. Or, you are going to stunning hold at fairly about a heights. It’s no longer essentially a wide deal.

Picks to Spreader Bars

Folks like been attempting to derive a genuine manner to hold subsequent to every other from two trees/anchors for a whereas. So it’s fundamental to acknowledge about a other alternatives, and to ward off angry Web comments.

  • Hang from a tree with a soft diameter and station up the suspension on the factual and left sides of the tree so that they’re as a long way apart as imaginable (and hope you gained’t rub too a lot).
  • Direct up hammocks with your heads on opposite ends to get rid of a study at to offset your hips so that they don’t bump.
  • Hang one hammock about a inches greater to wait on preserve away from contact.
  • Exhaust a stick you be taught about in the woods to separate the hammocks. It’s free however can fall out.
  • Try about a DIY alternatives from HammockForums.procure.
  • For an even lighter tandem hold, test up on DutchWare’s Double Hammock Whoopie Hook Full Suspension. We haven’t tested this, however it appears to be like to be like slick.

All in all, I’ve been essentially chuffed with the Fuse. It’s very easy to make employ of and affords a chuffed option for placing with a friend. It makes hammock tenting and causal hangs a lot better for a microscopic price.

ENO Fuse Hammock Spreader Bar Specs

  • Field matter: Anodized DAC Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 9.eight oz.
  • Unfolded dimensions: 31” x three” x 2”
  • Designate: $29.ninety five

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